How writing is like kissing (and repression is your friend)

My first kiss involved a street corner, a dumb blonde (not me, the guy), and a lot of regret (on my part). I’d just gotten off the school bus (I think I was in tenth grade but I was a nerd so give me a break). There were  kids everywhere. Trash littered the sidewalk. My mother was just inside the building across the street and she normally stood near the window. The amount of humiliation possible with this particular kiss was EXTREME.

I was nervous. I’d been hinting to the guy for weeks that I was interested but he wasn’t the brightest fork in the drawer. When he finally made his move I was so relieved. . . except the kiss was TERRIBLE. Awful. Unbelievably bad in ways I won’t go into because of the risk of triggering a disturbing traumatic flashback.The guy was cute, but kind of a jerk. I was surprised by this for about three seconds (the time it took me to jerk my head AWAY) then I thought: “Oh yeah, that’s right. Never judge a book by its cover.”

First kisses: ah, what could be more godawful? Um. . . the first thing you ever write. It’s usually utter drivel. Dreck. LAME personified. The first thing I ever put down on paper involved bunnies. And rainbows. Or maybe unicorns. I am still busy repressing those memories.

The only thing that makes it all better is that if you keep at it, it gets better. Years later, the first kiss I shared with my husband was EPIC in its awesomeness. Happily writing works the same way. You keep at it and it gets better.

The very first novel I wrote was The First Time is the Sweetest. I’d written other things but never a full-length novel. To this day, the title makes me giggle a little bit. Virgin heroine and virgin novelist: what synergy! So appropriate! Hilarious! It’s on sale right now at BookStrand (50% off) because they’ve just Retro Released it. I’m really fond of this book. Unlike my first kiss, I have great memories of writing it and releasing it into the world.

Of course, I’ve moved on a bit since then. I’ve had FOUR other books published since then, most recently Love Storm which is still on multiple bestseller lists at BookStrand! Someone gave it a five star rating (thank you unknown reader). And I got to play with weather when I wrote it! The main characters kick ass!

I also have a brand-new novel coming out this Friday. I had a blast writing this one: Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word. There is a scene in this book at a charity kissing booth that makes me squee in hilarity every time I think about it (hot + funny = squee). There are so many first times in this book: first kisses, first realizations, first confessions. Oh and guess what? The heroine in this new novel is a tad inexperienced. She may even be a virgin. . .

Release date May 18, 2012 from Evernight Publishing.

Kisses and risk and random meetings . . . oh my!

Right before I fell asleep last night I thought: oh, hey, I should write a new blog post tomorrow. Hmmm. What to say? I know! I’ll post about getting Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word accepted for publication. I went to sleep, happy and content. Sort of. I generally like to post graphics with each blog posts and I didn’t have one. It’s so much more fun when you’ve got eye candy to go along with the text, don’t you think? So I made one:

That’s the beginning of the novel, pre-edit stage. So yeah, I was happy I figured out my pic dilemma, and I was ready to sprinkle some details about the book into the post when HOLY COW, Evernight emails the COVER! Um, wut? I thought. Talk about fast! Isn’t it yummy?

And then I thought, but wait, Risk Is A Four-Letter Word is coming out tomorrow! I should post about that, too. So here, have another piece of eye candy:

Thanks for the handsome dudes, but what’s with the “random meetings” part of this blog post? you ask. Simple. The Four-Letter Word series is based on chance meetings. Random encounters. If you met your soul mate once, twice, three times in a row, how would you know that this person is the one for you? The easy answer is: you don’t. You take a chance on love. You risk everything. Sometimes you test the waters out a bit.

Kisses are a great way to do that.