Kisses and risk and random meetings . . . oh my!

Right before I fell asleep last night I thought: oh, hey, I should write a new blog post tomorrow. Hmmm. What to say? I know! I’ll post about getting Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word accepted for publication. I went to sleep, happy and content. Sort of. I generally like to post graphics with each blog posts and I didn’t have one. It’s so much more fun when you’ve got eye candy to go along with the text, don’t you think? So I made one:

That’s the beginning of the novel, pre-edit stage. So yeah, I was happy I figured out my pic dilemma, and I was ready to sprinkle some details about the book into the post when HOLY COW, Evernight emails the COVER! Um, wut? I thought. Talk about fast! Isn’t it yummy?

And then I thought, but wait, Risk Is A Four-Letter Word is coming out tomorrow! I should post about that, too. So here, have another piece of eye candy:

Thanks for the handsome dudes, but what’s with the “random meetings” part of this blog post? you ask. Simple. The Four-Letter Word series is based on chance meetings. Random encounters. If you met your soul mate once, twice, three times in a row, how would you know that this person is the one for you? The easy answer is: you don’t. You take a chance on love. You risk everything. Sometimes you test the waters out a bit.

Kisses are a great way to do that.