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When instinct howls, the wolf must obey.

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Gay Romance, Shifters, Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Word Count: 56,260
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

The world isn’t ready for a rock star werewolf, but Josh Oakley can’t stop biology. When his brother sends sexy wolf shaman Gerwulf to help him, instinct is too mild a word for how he feels. Gerwulf calls to his animal in a way that defies logic.

Gerwulf knows Josh is his mate the moment they meet, but he doesn’t like guys and he doesn’t intend to bond with anyone. He’ll help the musician control his wolf, but getting too close isn’t his intention. Besides, he wouldn’t know what to do with a man in his bed.

Of course, shifters can’t dodge fate—a crisis forces Josh and Gerwulf to accept their connection just in time to save Forst Pack from an old enemy. When biology ties them together beyond even a mating bond, will they be able to move past their fear and into a future that holds more than they ever expected?


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Story Excerpt:

Josh needed to taste Gerwulf, right the fuck now. He’d gone from confusion over his intense attraction to this wolf and straight into need. It felt right to desire this man. It felt like that unattainable connection he’d been searching for, all through the years of writing love songs and fucking random men and women on the road. “I’m going to kiss you, Gerwulf. You don’t get to say no.” His wolf growled, wanting him to get on with it. Mate.

Gerwulf stared at him, eyes dark as old whiskey. “You shouldn’t be doing this, especially not now. Your instinct to shift is confusing your libido.” He reached out and grabbed Josh’s arms, pressing his fingers into his skin as if he was afraid Josh was going to take off.

Confusing me? As if. I’m not the one hanging on for dear life. This guy is mine, even if he doesn’t realize it yet. Josh let himself enjoy the pain of the Shaman’s grip. He hadn’t expected to feel attraction like this, ever. Hell, he hadn’t expected to shift into a wolf either, but the moment Gerwulf showed up at his door, his desire for both things had grown stronger and stronger. “Your hands tell me a different story, Gerwulf.” He moved in and pressed his aching cock right into the Shaman’s hip. The man was built solid. Josh ground against him, desperate to feel a response.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Gerwulf said, voice cracking on the last word. His fingers flexed on Josh’s biceps. A minute tremble told Josh the Shaman wasn’t as unaffected as he tried to appear. Instead of pushing him away, Gerwulf pulled him closer.

Josh smiled, all teeth. “I’m going to shift, I promise you, but you need to let me in first.” He inhaled, savoring the warm spice scent that drifted from Gerwulf’s skin. “You smell fucking fantastic.” He leaned in and put his lips on Gerwulf’s neck. God, he wanted to bite him. Was this what it had been like for his brother? Maybe being a wolf wouldn’t be so bad.

Gerwulf trembled and dug his fingers into Josh’s arms. “I’m a Shaman. I’ll be Forst Pack’s Alpha-Shaman someday. Your wolf recognizes my power. That’s all this is.”

My cock recognizes your extreme sexiness. Josh laughed, going along with Gerwulf’s delusion that he was doing this because of some paranormal status woo-woo. “Yeah, whatever.”

Gerwulf opened his legs slightly, slotting them together more closely. “You don’t understand what’s happening.” He sounded disturbed.

Josh forced himself to lean back. He wanted to take a bite out of this man, God help him, but he didn’t want to hurt him. “You’ve never been with a guy before, have you?”

“What?” Gerwulf’s eyes widened, and he shook his head. “How did you know that?” He moved his hands to Josh’s wrists, trapping his arms against his flanks, as if that would hold him off. “Not that it matters. That’s not what this is about.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not as scary as you think.” Josh leaned in again, nosing along Gerwulf’s jaw. He took his time. This particular moment would never happen again. “We have the same plumbing. The same needs.” He wanted their first kiss to be explosive. He shoved down the niggling worry in his mind that told him he’d forgotten something extremely important. His wolf was happy. His dick was happy. Gerwulf wasn’t pulling away. What could be wrong? He’d deal with the shifting problem later. “It doesn’t have to mean anything, Gerwulf. It’s not like we’re getting married.”

“You have no idea what kind of fire you’re playing with,” Gerwulf said, hips jerking slightly. His erection, still trapped in his pants, slid across Josh’s nude cock, making them both moan.

“You’re playing with the same flame, Shaman,” Josh said, once he’d gotten control of his voice back. His dick had never before been so hard just from light foreplay.

Gerwulf flushed. “Nothing about this is normal.”

Josh groaned. “You’re sexy and hot. This is perfectly normal. You may not have fucked a man before, but I have. I’m bi and totally fine with it.” He paused. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. I don’t want to scare you off.”

“For Christ’s sake.” Gerwulf let out an explosive breath. “This has everything to do with you being a wolf, Josh. Listen to me.” He shook Josh slightly. “I’m an Alpha-Shaman. You’re a Beta. Our wolves are confusing power and status with sex.”

Josh blinked, trying to force his arousal-soaked brain to function. “You think I want you because you’re a Shaman?” He chuckled. “No.”

“Yes,” Gerwulf insisted.

His mouth says one thing, but his body says another. Josh wrestled with himself. He would not force Gerwulf to do anything he truly didn’t want to do, despite what he’d said. But I want one good kiss before I step away.

“Fuck this.” He leaned in and kissed Gerwulf. Immediately, the Shaman opened his mouth, letting Josh’s tongue inside. “Christ, you taste like the forest,” Josh said, shuddering. He suckled Gerwulf’s bottom lip, then dove in again. “I can’t get enough of you.” His mind felt white-hot and crazy, with his wolf howling and growling. His cock was so stiff it hurt. He wanted to take Gerwulf up against the wall. He wanted to bite him and mark him and not look back.

Little Dove is only $0.99 at Evernight!

Little Dove is only $0.99 at Evernight!

BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Rubenesque, Romance on the Go, MF
Word Count: 10,800
Heat Level 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Click here to read an excerpt.

Lila’s friend claims that submitting to a Dom in bed is a wonderful stress-reliever, but Lila is skeptical. So when she opens the door and finds her old crush Theo waiting on the other side, she doesn’t know what to do. Since he fails to recognize her, she lets him in, accepting his offer to help her relax.

After he explains that Abby sent him, Lila reconsiders her misgivings about dominant men. When Theo ties her up and woos her with origami doves, she reconsiders her fear of letting go. When he makes love to her, she learns to fly.

Be Warned: light BDSM, sex toys, spanking with willow switch


What are people saying about Little Dove?

BDSM Book Reviews — 5 stars!

“What a delightful find! I absolutely recommend this one, no hesitation.

I love how joyful and happy it all is. Folks, I love a good ravishing, let it never be said I don’t. Non-con is my bread and butter. But this . . . seeing BDSM portrayed as something loving, healthy, and healing is a wonderful thing in a culture that sees it as a thing that only deviants, abusers, and predators do. … Bottom line, this is a keeper. If you want a short, sweet, sexy read, with sharp writing and a heart of gold, buy this. It’s worth it.”

Not Now…Mommy’s Reading — 5 stars!

“The characters were so well done, thought out and perfect that I could have known them for all my life. I was able to really see into their lives instead of just “reading about it.” I was able to feel Lila’s emotion, her fear about trusting Theo, then the heat and passion once she finally said yes. The author did a fantastic job with the details in this story.  I totally recommend this book to anyone who loves minor BDSM and romances.”


Midnight Magic Reviews — 5 stars!

“Ooooh, how naughty! Little Dove is an exciting erotic escape. Ms. Leaf does a wonderful job with a few heated pages (I believe it was a little over thirty). But even though it’s short, it’s full of submission, trust, and origami doves… who could ask for more? Spend a late night with this tingling story, you won’t be sorry!”


Nocturne Romance Reads — 5 stars!

“Hot fast read! I enjoy the older brother of a friend fantasy. . .so this story appealed in that her best friend Abby sends a “stress reliever” to Lila’s front door! Little do Abby or the said stress reliever (Theo) know, Lila has crushed on Theo for years. As the two connect, literally physically connect, they bond emotionally. While this is a super short read and the premise of the story is all laid out in the summary, this novella is so worth the read. A perfect warm up with a glass of wine for a Saturday night! Enjoy!”


Night Owl Reviews — 4 stars!

“Little Dove is a HOT little piece! … The sex was hot and steamy. The chemistry between Lila and Theo almost made the air sizzle between them.”



The Romance Reviews — 4 stars!

“LITTLE DOVE is a short, fun, sexy, quick read and I really enjoyed it. I truly recommend this read.”


Talk Books to Me — 5 stars!

“Lila’s best friend Abby sends a “stress reliever” to Lila’s front door! Little do Abby or the said stress reliever (Theo) know, but Lila has crushed on Theo for years. As the two connect, literally physically connect, they bond emotionally.”

Appassionato is only $0.99! #sale

Appassionato is only $0.99 at BookStrand for a few more days! If you ever wanted to dive into my Dream Marked series, now is your chance. 😀

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Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre (MMF), Paranormal
Word Count: 64,657
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Click here to read an excerpt.

When Emma dreams about super-famous rockstar Duncan and his friend Jake, it never occurs to her they might be dreaming too. About her. Everyone knows dreams aren’t real, but what will happen when the trio’s shared visions develop into a passion that can’t be denied?

When reports of a new “bonding” phenomenon surface, Duncan and Jake finally realize why they feel so connected to the sweet high-school librarian they’ve never met. The headaches and dreams suddenly make sense, but it isn’t until they meet Emma face-to-face that instinct takes over, and passion binds their minds and bodies into a link that can’t be broken.

Then, just as the happy ending Emma always hoped for seems possible, a hostage crisis and a series of kidnappings threatens everything. Can the trio unravel the conspiracy in time to protect the future of their bond?

What are people saying about Appassionato?

Happily Ever After Reviews –  4.5 teacups!

“This was easily one of the best ménages I’ve ever read. … The novel is too long to read in one sitting, which I loved. I really, really wanted to spend more time with the trio—so much that I read it twice.”


The Romance Reviews – 4 stars!

“APPASSIONATO is a wonderful M/M/F menage story. I loved the characters, their incendiary relationship, and the suspenseful plot. I’ve read book two of the series already and adored it as much as this first book. Erin M. Leaf is now on my auto-buy list.”

Two Lips Reviews – 4 1/2 lips!

“I found the chemistry and passion between the characters truthful and real.”

Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4 stars!

“I’m not typically a big fan of paranormal stories, but Appassionato had a very cool and interesting concept, not to mention the promise of some super hot MMF action that made me anxious to dig in. Emma’s erotic dream set the tone for the explosive sex and undeniable chemistry the trio experienced throughout the story line.”

Damaged is on sale for $0.99!!

For a limited time, DAMAGED is only $0.99 at Evernight Publishing!

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damaged  paauthor  BestPAWinner  amazon-bestseller-icon  BestsellerIcon100X100

Erotic Romance, Menage (MMF), Sci-Fi, Suspense, Futuristic
Word Count: 34,400
Heat Level 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Click here to read an excerpt.

Cori knows her Xyran captivity has damaged her ability to trust, but when she meets Reiyn, desire flares despite her fear. He’s clearly hiding something, but when a distress call sends them into space together, passion takes over.

Cori enflames Reiyn like no other female ever has. She threatens his control over his hidden Xyran heritage, but he can’t fight his instincts. When his true nature is exposed during the daring rescue of a dying Xyran captain, will Cori forgive him, or will he continue his life’s work alone?

Captain Kyuk welcomes death when his ship is destroyed. He doesn’t expect to survive, but when Cori and Reiyn find him, instinct pushes him to live. He’s spent years smuggling slaves to freedom—can he now give up his own liberty to bond with Cori and Reiyn? Or is he too damaged to build that kind of emotional connection?

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), rimming, anal sex, m/m interaction




What are people saying about Damaged – Planet Alpha?

Rainbow Book Reviews – Splendiferous!

“Hang on to your seats, post-apocalyptic times with war, alien domination, and burned-out planet surfaces provide the background for this space opera. The tension, including confrontations with species having little to no love of humans, moves at a good pace, but the real winning feature is the connection and follow-up by a rough and tumble gal with two intense and sexy guys. Sounds like a winning formula to me. Excitingly carnal!”

We Love Kink – 4 stars!

“The characters are more than likable and a few emotions were touched on, Passion being hot and consuming.. Awesome … Enjoy”

Cocktails and Books – 4 stars!

“Our heroes are strong, protective men who are not only fierce in battle, but also in their love for Cori.  They’re lovers, and they want her to be “blood mates” alongside them.  Boy, does that make my heart pound a little faster!  Cori, Reiyn, and Kyuk have wonderful chemistry.”

The Romance Studio – 4 stars!

“This book sparked feelings of joy and delight in the relationship growing on these pages. I just wanted it for myself. That makes this an outstanding book.”

Angel’s Power is only $0.99 at Evernight!

Get Angel’s Power for only $0.99! Wow!

Erotic Romance (MF), Paranormal, Shifters, Suspense, Fantasy
Word Count: 21,550
Heat Level 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Click here to read an excerpt.

Ariel doesn’t understand why her wings are changing colors. She doesn’t know why energy flickers through her and she doesn’t have time to worry about it. Demons are loose and she must help her brother lead their People.

When Suriel, the angel sorcerer, arrives and offers his help, Ariel’s immediate attraction to him confuses her. She wasn’t looking for a mate and is afraid to commit to anyone while her wings are damaged. And the demons are out there, waiting for the angels to show weakness…

Suriel doesn’t want a mate. His power is strong, but very unstable and he is terrified that he will hurt someone if he lets anyone get too close. The only reason he came to Castle Archangel is to help defeat the demons. However, Ariel, the Alpha’s sister, draws him like no other woman ever has. And when she is injured in a battle, he will do whatever it takes to take care of her.

Be Warned: public exhibition, light spanking and bondage

buy links – Evernight – Amazon – ARe – BookStrand – iBookstore – Smashwords – Barnes & Noble



What are people saying about Angel’s Power?

The Romance Reviews – 5 stars!

“ANGEL’S POWER, the second book in Erin M. Leaf’s Angel Shifters series, is a fast paced and well written example of paranormal erotic romance at its best. With emotionally complex characters, an adventurous storyline and tantalizing sexual chemistry, this novella-length story engaged my attention from start to finish!”

Better Together is still on #sale at Evernight!

BETTER TOGETHER is also BookStrand Featured title!

BookStrand Featured


And it’s at the top of the ARe bestseller list!

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  epeditorsesal1sBestsellerIcon100X100  amazon-bestseller-icon

Gay (MM), Erotic Romance, Humor, Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Word Count: 20,930
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Click here to read an excerpt.

Alex Roman controls a business empire, but he can’t control his personal life. Just when he thought he and his boyfriend, Jesse, could settle down and enjoy their life together, their past comes back to haunt them once again. They never discovered who killed Alex’s grandfather and Jesse’s father, and neither man would’ve wanted to know the truth if it meant tearing them apart, but that’s what happens.

When a crazy gunman targets Jesse for the sins of his father, he reluctantly decides he must leave the love of his life in order to keep him safe. Little does he know that his decision to protect Alex may ultimately be his undoing. Alex tracks him down and the gunman follows. A deadly confrontation leaves one man down, and their relationship fractured.

Will their love survive the ultimate test?


Angel’s Blade is only $0.99 at Evernight! #sale

Angel’s Blade is only $0.99 at Evernight Publishing!!!

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angels-blade  epeditorsesal1s  BestFanstasyRunnerUp

swirl_erin  amazon-bestseller-icon    BestsellerIcon100X100     BookStrand Bestseller!

Contemporary, Gay Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Interracial, Fantasy, Shifters, MM
Word Count: 25,220
Heat Level 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing


Click here to read an excerpt.

Nathaniel doesn’t want to go Castle Archangel: he’s half-human and can’t fly like the rest of his clan. Even worse, he likes guys and he’s not exactly white. That makes him an interspecies outcast, but he wants to please his dad. Once there, he meets Zeke, the angels’ sexy weapons master. Sadly, Zeke is straight and Nathaniel doesn’t hit on men he can’t have.

When Zeke meets Nathaniel, his gut tells him he’s met his mate, but he’s never been attracted to a guy before. Despite Nathaniel’s wariness and his own fear, Zeke can’t help claiming him when instinct takes over.

Unfortunately, Nathaniel isn’t ready to bond, not even when their connection sparks dormant angelic powers. However, when Zeke flies into danger, Nathaniel follows. Demons stalk their people and it will take every angel who can wield a blade to fight the evil that lurks in unexpected places.

Be Warned: m/m sex



What are people saying about Angel’s Blade?

Fallen Angel Reviews – 5 stars!

“I enjoyed experiencing the growing love between Zeke and Nathaniel as they became the loving and confident men they were destined to be.”

Dark Diva Reviews – 4.5 stars!

“…the smoking hot chemistry between the two leads wasn’t a drawback. Instead, it cranked up the erotic tension already boiling in the book. Add in the bi-racial character of Nathaniel — people of color as main characters are rare in M/M books — and Angel’s Blade was a thoroughly enjoyable read.”

The Romance Reviews – 4 stars!

“The third in Erin M. Leaf’s Angel Shifter series, ANGEL’S BLADE is a fast paced romance with steamy love scenes and high drama. The characters are well developed, emotionally intense, and sure to please fans of M/M romance & paranormal genres alike.”

MM Good Book Reviews – 4.5 stars!

“Short, Sexy and {wait for it….} Steamy! … A must read for fans of shifter romance, paranormal romance and soul mate stories.”

Manic Readers – 4 stars!

“I thought this story was well written and look forward to more in this series.”

Rainbow Book Reviews – 4 stars!

“If you like stories about angels who have been lost, only to rediscover the light in a most unexpected way, if the idea of two angels having to learn to work together if they want to be victorious over a very real evil in their midst, and if you’re looking for another installment of a supernatural adventure set in a creative and imaginative world of angels with a purpose, then you will probably enjoy this novella.”

Thief, Cops, and Beloved are still $0.99! #sale

Two sexy cops. A thief. A heist gone wrong…


Read the whole story, 40,000 words, for only THREE BUCKS!

Blue: Feisty yet vulnerable, the thief thinks she’s perfectly fine facing the world alone, and then she meets Liam and Matt. Thieves and cops mix like oil and water, but she’s never been one for following the rules.

Liam: He’s sworn off women because he’s a cop and he’s been hurt before, but when he meets Blue, he may have to rethink his strategy.

Matt: He can’t find a woman he likes more than his partner, so he’s stopped looking, but when Blue shows up in the middle of a dangerous shootout, what’s a good cop supposed to do?

Menage (mmf) has never been so hot!


Click on the covers for more information!

thief1l   cops1l   beloved1l

Thief buy links – Evernight – Amazon – ARe

Cops buy links – Evernight – Amazon – ARe

Beloved buy links – Evernight – Amazon – ARe


I publish this series through Evernight Publishing. You can find my books at the publisher’s website in various formats, as well as at AmazonBarnes & NobleAReSmashwordsBookStrand, and Kobo in e-book form.


What are people saying about the Blue’s Boys series?

ThiefNot Now…Mommy’s Reading – 4 stars!

“This read was short, sexy and sinfully satisfying! … Matt and Liam perfectly compliment each other and our heroine by offering one lover who is gentle and thoughtful and the other who is dangerously sexy.”

CopsCocktails and Books – 4 stars!

“Blue, Matt, and Liam are back, and they’ve gotten themselves into another little “situation”.  Once again, there is humor, action, witty banter, and SEX!! These three are so hot!  They smolder.  They radiate nuclear energy.  The sun is jealous of their heat.”

BelovedSizzling Hot Books – 4 stars!

“Ms. Leaf leads us merrily through it all with great good humor and better sex (did I say the sex was hot?). We adore Matt and Liam, and Blue, of course – in the midst of a hail of bullets, they all profess their undying love…”