six sentence sunday #sixsunday

From my WIP (shape shifters and secrets make a heady combination—Something Shifty):

“Are you sure you can still shift?” Dex had to ask.

Seth didn’t answer. He just put his palm on Dex’s arm, warm and steady. Dex frowned, not understanding what he was doing, but then everything changed. While he watched, Seth flexed his fingers until fur and claws slid over his human hand like the tide coming in.

six sentence sunday #sixsunday

From my WIP (I’m half done, woooo!), a shape shifter novel I’m calling Something Shifty:

Seth swallowed thickly. “I think you’re insane.” He meant it nicely, but still, Dex couldn’t imagine he would take this seriously, could he?

Dex laughed and shoved his chair away from the table. “I promise I’m not.”

Seth leaned against the solid wood and tried to figure out what the hell there was to say to that.

She stared, her hand dropping to fist in the covers. Max smiled at her, his expression partly sheepish, and partly taut with some inexplicable emotion she’d never seen before. He looked … aroused?  He licked his lips and she wrinkled her forehead. Impossible. What the hell were they doing here?