Wicked Wednesday with Katherine Wyvern


1. If your characters could pick a food to play with in the bedroom, what would they use?


2. How old were you the first time you read a romance novel? Erotica?

Early to mid teens, I think. One of my grandmothers had a stash of naughty books tucked away among the dustiest and most ponderous tomes of her library. They helped me considerably in surviving some of the dullest, most interminable Sundays of my life. I wonder if she realized why I spent so much time reading in lonesome corners of her house when I was visiting.

3. What is your favorite romance genre to read? Why? (Paranormal, sci-fi, contemporary, MM, menage, etc.)

GLBT erotica with a fair bit of BDSM thrown in. I enjoy “different” sex combinations, and the emotional weight of SM scenes.

4. What’s hotter for the hero: long-hair, short, or bald? Why?

Bald. Seems all the hot men I like at the moment are bald. I came to the conclusion that long hair is for My Little Ponies. Hot studs can obviously do without.

5. When is your favorite time of day to write? Where is your favorite place to write? (Morning, evening, bed, playground, etc.)

Mostly the afternoon. Somewhere quiet in the woods is best, unless I can have the home to myself. I need solitude.

6. Bonus question! Do your characters use birth control (i.e. condoms) and if so, how do you make the mechanics of it sexy?

All my stories are fantasy or sci-fi, so I never felt the need to mention condoms. If I were writing real-world stories I would, though. The only condom scene I ever wrote was in a sci-fi context where it was obvious that the condom was an outdated quirk, and added to the kinky, latex-wrapped feel of the scene. I liked writing that!
7. Tell us about your latest release or what you’re working on now.

My latest release is The Garden of a Thousand Nightingales, which is a very tender, dreamlike fantasy story, quite different from my more hard-core Evernight titles. At the moment I am writing an equally dreamlike but much hotter fantasy tale loosely based on the old British ballad Elfin Knight. I hope to finish it by Xmas, fingers and toes firmly crossed.

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