TBR Pile loved Caged Killer! #review

The TBR Pile loved CAGED KILLER!

“This is different and fun and dark. I really love the way the author thought out of the box with this plot.”

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Contemporary, Gay Erotic Romance (MM), Suspense, Dark Romance, BDSM
Word Count: 30,460
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Knox is a killer hired to catch a thief: what happens when the thief catches the assassin instead, and chains him up? Nothing good. Nothing … sane.

Knox Calvin has spent his life repressing his sexuality. When Mick Lannon picks at his carefully constructed mental cage with a knife, he isn’t prepared for the fallout. Unfortunately, Knox isn’t the kind of man who can be bound for long, and Mick has his own demons to wrestle into submission. When Mick’s vendetta against his aunt’s killer spirals into all out war, Knox escapes to watch the carnage from a distance.

Mick likes his sex casual, his partners breathing, and doesn’t much care about anything else. Knox wasn’t interested in sex at all until Mick shackled him to a wall. What happens when one moment’s slip into darkness wakes up the monster in both men?





The TBR Pile loved You Taste So Sweet! #giveaway



Giveaway: Ms. Leaf is giving a copy of her 4 star read! The TBR Pile is giving away an Ebook from our prize list. To ENTER: Tell us if you’ve read Ms. Leaf’s work before and why you want to read You Taste So Sweet!

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Rating: 4 Stars – Recommended Reading!
Heat: 4/5 – Smoking Hot

There’s a lot of sex, but Ms. Leaf does a great job at not letting the characters get into it too quickly. Lark, Ben, and Dillon don’t immediately act on their feelings. . . . If you like m/m, you’ll likely enjoy this.

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Menage (MMF), Erotic Romance, New Adult, May/December, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 36,720
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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When a meteor explodes over Atlanta, infecting the world with a virus that turns people into zombies, Lark knows survival will be difficult. Her roommate and best friend insists that her father and his best friend will come and save them, but Lark isn’t sure if she wants to put her life into the hands of strangers. Unfortunately, when the zombies come, she may have no choice. And when Ben and Dillon break into their dorm in the nick of time, Lark finds herself reevaluating her insistence on independence.

Tragedy brings them together. The fight to survive creates a bond stronger than blood in a few short days. What’s a girl to do when faced with the zombie apocalypse? Does she trust in the two men she knows will keep her alive, or does she strike out on her own?

Be warned: menage sex (MMF)



Siren-BookStrand bestseller!



The TBR Pile loved Karma Bites!

TBR Pile

The TBR Pile gave Karma Bites 5 stars!

I could not, COULD NOT put this book down. It was short but had a complete story arch with fantastic, well developed characters. Poor Boyd. Poor Harrison. That kissing scene was an absolute blast. Boyd’s dad was so freaking funny. I loved him!

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Gay, BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Romance on the Go, Humor
Word Count: 11,760
Heat Level 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Boyd will do anything to avoid his cousin Coco—even pretend to be gay. He’s visiting his dad who’s got a broken arm, and all he wants is for her to leave him alone, so Boyd calls his best friend for help. His father swears that karma is going to bite him on his butt for lying, but Boyd can’t think of any other way to extricate himself from Coco’s clutches.

Harrison will do anything for his best friend—even pretend to be his boyfriend, because he’s awesome like that. Once he arrives, though, Boyd surprises him with a “practice” kiss, which is just totally uncalled for. Before Harrison can fend him off, they’re on the bed making out. How does he get into these crazy situations? Oh yeah, Boyd and his wacky ideas. Harrison’s going to make him pay for this (even if he kind of secretly enjoyed it), because that’s how karma works.

Be Warned: m/m sex, mild BDSM, public exhibition, spanking



BookStrand short story

BookStrand Bestseller!


Tbr Pile loved Lick Is A Four-Letter Word! 5 stars!


I am so pleased that The Tbr Pile loved my latest menage, Lick Is A Four-Letter Word!

Rating: 5 Stars – A Must Read.
Heat: 5 – Orgasmic.

The chemistry between all three lead characters is amazing and builds up so nicely through the book. One gets pulled in both by the heat and sexual exploration between the three, but still there is room for getting to know their personalities, which is an equally interesting part of the story. I also love
how the author has balanced the relationship between the three, so they are all one equal third of the relationship (a personal favorite of mine), rather than two sharing a third.

Lick is a Four Letter Word is a very well written story that draws you in due to interesting characters and crackling chemistry.

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