six sentence sunday #sixsunday

From my WIP (shape shifters and secrets make a heady combination—Something Shifty):

“Are you sure you can still shift?” Dex had to ask.

Seth didn’t answer. He just put his palm on Dex’s arm, warm and steady. Dex frowned, not understanding what he was doing, but then everything changed. While he watched, Seth flexed his fingers until fur and claws slid over his human hand like the tide coming in.

six sentence sunday #sixsunday

From my WIP (I’m half done, woooo!), a shape shifter novel I’m calling Something Shifty:

Seth swallowed thickly. “I think you’re insane.” He meant it nicely, but still, Dex couldn’t imagine he would take this seriously, could he?

Dex laughed and shoved his chair away from the table. “I promise I’m not.”

Seth leaned against the solid wood and tried to figure out what the hell there was to say to that.

She stared, her hand dropping to fist in the covers. Max smiled at her, his expression partly sheepish, and partly taut with some inexplicable emotion she’d never seen before. He looked … aroused?  He licked his lips and she wrinkled her forehead. Impossible. What the hell were they doing here?

Teaser! I’m writing a shifter romance. . .

This is from chapter two of my as yet untitled WIP:

“Dex! Come on, will you?”

He looked at the stage, not surprised to see his sister waving a clipboard at him. Her eyes were still golden—she must have gone for a quick flight this morning. Her favorite shape was an eagle and she often went out just after dawn to catch the changing thermals as night bled into day. It would take a few hours for the color to fade back into the light brown of her natural human eyes.

“I’m coming.” He hopped up onto the stage, squeezing between the monitor speakers set along the front.

“Here,” she said, shoving his microphone at him. “And don’t do those scales like last time. I thought you were going to break my eardrums,” she said, peevishly.

“I did my warmups in the dressing room, relax,” he replied, switching on the microphone. The plastic and metal warmed in his hand and he closed his eyes and tilted his head up.

Pining is good for the soul

There is nothing I like more than a whole lot of unresolved sexual tension (UST) in the first half of a romance novel. It’s also awesome in tv shows (hello, Castle anyone?), movies (Superman!), oh, and real life. Drawing out the tension makes the climax of the novel, scene, and relationship soooo much better.

With that in mind, how about a teaser from my WIP?

We shouldn’t do this, she thought, but then his lips were on hers once more and she couldn’t speak, let alone control her gasp. He was warm and so strong and she loved him, though she would never tell him so. She wanted to unlace his shirt and push it away. She wanted to take off her own clothing and roll her skin against his until neither of them knew where one body began and the other ended. Instead, she settled for merely kissing him back, trying to put all that she wished she could have into it. He grinned against her mouth and she slid her hands into his hair, tugging.

“We cannot do this,” she murmured. His emotions wafted over her, strong and hot. He loved her, yes, but he also understood the difficulty of their positions. She had to put a stop to this.

“We are not doing anything wrong,” he said, dipping down again.

Denial. She opened her mouth, about to protest. He swallowed her words and kissed her deeper, the heat from his body making her dizzy. His mind emanated love, desire, love, desire into hers and she shuddered. This was forbidden. Bodyguards did not love their queens. Queens did not favor one of her people above another. That was how they kept their world safe.