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17 november 2016

Ok, yes, it’s been a long, long while since I updated this, but I have excuses! I had surgery! And insane real life stuff! And mental trauma! 😀

Right now I’m working on A WARLOCK’S SURPRISE, the sequel to A WARLOCK’S BEST FRIEND. I adore writing humor stories.

HER DANGEROUS MISTAKE (dragon shifters on Earth/secret/whoa) is still ongoing. This story has become a bit longer and more complicated than I intended, but that’s how it goes sometimes. I will probably pick up this story when I finish A WARLOCK’S SURPRISE.

I have plans to continue the Sky Hunters series. The next novel is tentatively titled FLIGHT, and will feature two new heroes. I’m also going to continue the Stronghold series, as that story holds a special place in my heart. Next up is DAWN, Isaac’s story. I love sci-fi. 🙂

What am I working on now? #amwriting


8 september 2016

GUNPOINT (Sky Hunters) is out!

Right now I’m working on HER DANGEROUS MISTAKE (dragon shifters on Earth/secret/whoa). This story has become a bit longer and more complicated than I intended, but that’s how it goes sometimes. Writing is like dancing with an invisible partner: sometimes you know where you’re headed, and sometimes you don’t.

I have plans to continue the Sky Hunters series. The next novel is tentatively titled FLIGHT, and will feature two new heroes. I’m also going to continue the Stronghold series, as that story holds a special place in my heart. Next up is DAWN, Isaac’s story. I love sci-fi. 🙂

What am I working on now? #WIP


Okay, yes, I know I just posted one of these updates just the other day, but I have to decide what to do next! And my muse is a scatterbrained nutbar….

GUNPOINT (Sky Hunters) has been accepted by Evernight Publishing and is coming out in August 2016!

Now, I have to decide if I want to go back to my work-in-progress HER DANGEROUS MISTAKE (dragon shifters on Earth/secret/whoa), if I want to write the next Sky Hunters novel (Flight), or if my muse is interested in continuing the Stronghold series. *headdesk*


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Work in Progress #amwriting


18 july 2016

It’s been a while since I posted one of these, mostly because my Real Life has been extremely uncooperative. I’m hoping things will get better soon, but even so, I’m still plugging along. 😀

I’m working on a new shifter romance right now, tentatively titled GUNPOINT. The focus this time is on falcon shifters: who they are, why there are so few, and what happens when a desperate man holds a Sky Hunter falcon at gunpoint…

Work in progress…


29 november 2015

Goodness! I didn’t realize how long it had been since I updated my work-in-progress page. Good news! Book two of Bad Oak Boys is coming soon! Alpha Shaman is set to be released in January 2016!

More good news! I am revising book three of Bad Oak Boys, Wulfgang, right now and will be sending it off to my publisher in the next week or so. Hopefully, this book will be released soon after Alpha Shaman. Even better, I have a rough outline of book four in the series, tentatively titled Shifter Spy, and will be writing it soon. I’m planning on finishing that book by the end of January (yes, I’m a little ambitious).

After that, I’m planning on working on the next Stronghold book. It’s gonna be a busy winter!

EPreaderschoice nominee

Just FYI, in case you missed it, two of my books made it to the Semi-Finals in Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards 2015 –> Click on the links to vote!


Best in Category: Gay — The Billionaire’s Bodyguard by Erin Leaf


Best in Category: New Adult — Dusk by Erin M. Leaf

Handy Harry is coming soon!

WIP   Evernight Coming Soon

Handy Harry has been accepted by Evernight Publishing! It will be out in September 2015. It’s a humorous short story about a reclusive artist and his unexpectedly sexy handyman. It’s a first time story. It’s a straight-to-gay story. It’s a coming out story. Yup. I crammed every juicy trope I love into this 15,000 word story. 😀 Because I could.

In a week, I’ll be back to working on Bad Oak Boys number 2: Josh and Gerwulf’s story. My tentative title is Alpha Shaman. It’s already outlined and the first scene is written!

Here’s the blurb for Handy Harry:

Reclusive artist Rufus Ward’s house needs repair, but he hates demolition and dust. However, when handyman Harry Hande rings his doorbell, Rufus lets him in—he’s everything the famous painter likes in a man: young, sexy, and somewhat confused about his sexuality. Rufus thought he was done with dating, but Harry is hot enough to push him from loneliness into love.

Harry’s sensible demeanor disguises desperation. His brother is a jerk and he needs to move out, but his fledgling business isn’t quite ready to support him. Rufus is supposed to be just another client, but when they meet, all of Harry’s preconceived notions of attraction are demolished. Lust launches him into the dare of a lifetime. Will letting Rufus draw him nude destroy him, or will his true nature come out?

What am I working on now? #WIP


It’s been a while, I know, but real life has been kicking me in the butt. I’m still working on Bitter Bite (menage with a vampire, priest, and virginal heroine). It was supposed to be 20,000 words long… yeah. HA HA! It’s going to be longer. Maybe 30k? We’ll see.

I was planning on working on the next Stronghold series book, but the second book of the Bad Oak Boys keeps climbing into my brain and tormenting me. Stronghold might be put on the back burner while I write Josh and Gerwulf’s story.

That’s it for now, folks. 😀

Work in Progress for the new year……..


9 january 2015

Happy New Year! I can hardly believe it’s 2015, but time does tend to keep moving along. Right now I’m working on a brand new story that came out of nowhere and demanded that I get to work. I’m calling it Win a Kiss and it is about a sexy rockstar (Ryan), an alpha wolf shifter (Bardulf), and the crazy mess that ensues when they meet: insta-bonding!

I’m also still working on a  sequel to The Billionaire’s Bodyguard and The Blizzard. I have a confession to make: I couldn’t write at all during December because my life went crazy. Nothing bad, just a lot of stuff to do with the family and holidays. However, I’m feeling rested up and don’t worry, this story will be done soon!

Last, but not least, I have two more books to write for the Stronghold series, Day and Dawn. I am so looking forward to writing Isaac’s story! He’s the cocky adventurer of the four brothers.

Mid Week Tease: Dusk (Stronghold #2) – #MWTease


It’s Mid Week Tease time again, hosted by the delicious Sandra Bunino!

The tease below is from my brand new WIP: the second book of my Stronghold series. I’m calling it Dusk, after the hero, Solomon Dusk.

In the scene below, Sentry Solomon Dusk calls Lucy at work, the girl he helped to heal in the first Stronghold book, Dark. Neither of them are particularly sure of each other. 😀



“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt you at your job,” he said, voice going low. “I’ll leave you to finish your day.”

“No, wait!” Lucy exclaimed, sensing he was about to hang up. “Wait.” She listened to him draw in a breath and hurried to speak before he disconnected. “Solomon. I have to ask you something.” She tried out his name for the first time. It felt weird, to be talking to him as if he were an ordinary human. He wasn’t. He was near-immortal. He was over two centuries older than her. She was twenty, barely an adult, and he was older than everyone.

“I’m here.”

She swallowed, gathering her courage. “We’re safe, aren’t we? I mean, there aren’t any more Spiders on Earth, right?” She had to ask. She couldn’t help it, even if she sounded like a little girl. The nightmares came too often for her to ever fully forget what had happened all those months ago. She rubbed at her arm again, then forced herself to stop. When the Spiders attacked her and Eva in early summer, the only thing she clearly remembered in the midst of the blistering pain was Solomon Dusk’s light brown eyes, specked with silver. He’d stared at her, wordlessly reassuring her that everything would be all right.

How she she’d seen him, she didn’t know. Eva told her she’d passed out when one of the aliens had burrowed into her arm, hooking onto her nerves and destroying her from the inside out. It had felt like someone had poured molten lava into her body. She vaguely remembered Eva’s Sentry, Greyson, taking her hand. She could sort of recall him murmuring to her, but Solomon’s eyes staring calmly into hers was what truly kept her sane through the entire, wretched experience.

“You are safe, Lucinda,” he said quietly. “I would never allow the Spiders to harm you. Not ever again.”

After that extraordinary statement, the faint click on the line told her he’d hung up. Lucy stared at the phone in her hand, then slowly tapped the icon to dismiss the call.


Here are some other Mid Week Teasers for you:

What am I working on now? #WIP


I just finished writing a new MM romantic comedy/suspense, tentatively titled, The Billionaire’s Bodyguard. Here’s the rough blurb (unedited):

Billionaire Alex Roman needs a bodyguard. His best friend, Jesse Emerson, an ex-Security Forces Specialist, needs a job. What could possibly go wrong?

Jesse thinks protecting Alex will be a piece of cake. He’ll get to spend quality time with his oldest friend while avoiding his ex-girlfriend. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned. Why would Alex introduce him to everyone as his lover? And why didn’t Alex tell him about the threating notes he’s been receiving for months?

Alex has been in love with Jesse for years, not that he’d ever admit it to his best friend, but he’s not above making a practical joke out of it. Telling everyone that Jesse is his boyfriend will go a long way toward relieving the stress of the threats he’s been plagued with recently. Unfortunately, when someone tries to shoot him at a charity gala, he discovers that maybe he needs Jesse’s skills more than he realized…

…because sometimes a billionaire’s best friend is the fake boyfriend who’s really his bodyguard.


Next up: today I begin plotting Dusk, the second Stronghold series book. I’m looking forward to writing Lucy and Solomon’s story!