Dream Marked Series (MMF paranormal)

What would you do if you started dreaming about bonding to your soul-mates?

Dream Marked series (MMF paranormal):

  • Appassionato – Dream Marked #1, January 5, 2011
  • Tango Trio – Dream Marked #2, October 24, 2011
  • Love Storm, Dream Marked #3, May 8, 2012
  • Marked Mates – Dream Marked #4, November 13, 2013

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre (MMF), Paranormal
Word Count: 64,657
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

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When Emma dreams about super-famous rockstar Duncan and his friend Jake, it never occurs to her they might be dreaming too. About her. Everyone knows dreams aren’t real, but what will happen when the trio’s shared visions develop into a passion that can’t be denied?

When reports of a new “bonding” phenomenon surface, Duncan and Jake finally realize why they feel so connected to the sweet high-school librarian they’ve never met. The headaches and dreams suddenly make sense, but it isn’t until they meet Emma face-to-face that instinct takes over, and passion binds their minds and bodies into a link that can’t be broken.

Then, just as the happy ending Emma always hoped for seems possible, a hostage crisis and a series of kidnappings threatens everything. Can the trio unravel the conspiracy in time to protect the future of their bond?


Happily Ever After Reviews – 4.5 teacups! – “This was easily one of the best ménages I’ve ever read. … Ms. Leaf’s ability to build characters and suspense kept me hanging on every word the entire way through.”

The Romance Reviews – 4 stars! – “APPASSIONATO is a wonderful M/M/F menage story. I loved the characters, their incendiary relationship, and the suspenseful plot. I’ve read book two of the series already and adored it as much as this first book. Erin M. Leaf is now on my auto-buy list.”

Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4 stars! – “… Appassionato had a very cool and interesting concept, not to mention the promise of some super hot MMF action that made me anxious to dig in. Emma’s erotic dream set the tone for the explosive sex and undeniable chemistry the trio experienced throughout the story line.”

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre (MMF), Paranormal, Shifters
Word Count: 65,612
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

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Tessa never expects to dream about two gorgeous guys making love to her on the train. She certainly never imagines they might be real men. Or that one of them is her sexy friend Parker and the other their insanely hot dance teacher, Jared. She definitely doesn’t anticipate the three of them bonding and fighting enemies desperate to steal their blood. Who would create a drug that gives non-bonded humans extrasensory powers? It seems insane until Tessa learns that her mother might be the chemist behind it all. Even so, she certainly doesn’t expect her senses to go haywire or for the bonding to give her the ability to heal. And shape-shift. Mostly, she doesn’t expect to live happily ever after with her bond-mates when so many different people want them dead. But she hopes she can.


The Romance Reviews – 4 stars! – “TANGO TRIO was a very good ménage story but also worked as a strong paranormal romance. The plot was well paced and balanced the many spicy sexual encounters.”

The Romance Studio – 4.5 stars! – “Ms. Leaf is a wonderfully talented writer with a fun, easy style. Overall, Tango Trio is an action-packed must-read that’s so full of paranormal twists and turns you’ll never see what’s coming next. I can’t wait for the next installment!”

Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4.5 stars! – “Along with some of the most erotic sex I’ve read, this book also features an interesting storyline, relatable characters and some wild supernatural powers that are bestowed upon bonded trios.”

Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre (MMF), Paranormal
Word Count: 61,567
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

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Zoe Brooke found her life in art, trying to exist on her own terms. Sean Adham found it in work, knowing that money couldn’t provide what he truly desired. Charlie Aponivi found his in study, never expecting more. With dreams their only guide, how will they find each other?

Zoe, Sean, and Charlie know they must bond to survive, but kidnappers are out for their blood. Sean knows he needs his bondmates, but even with his money and influence, he finds no trace. Zoe knows who Sean is, but fears how her life will change if she surrenders to a biological compulsion. Charlie risks everything to meet his lovers and almost loses his life.

How will they come together when Charlie is captured and Chicago is bombed? When they confront the couple behind it all, will they be able to control their power? Or will the storm they call destroy them?


The Romance Reviews – 4 stars! – “I have been looking forward to LOVE STORM since I finished book two and I’m pleased to say the book lived up to my high expectations. Any ménage or paranormal romance reader will love this book and the entire series as I do.”

Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4.5 stars! – “I definitely enjoyed this book and wholeheartedly recommend starting at the beginning of the Dream Marked series and diving headfirst into this brand new world that Ms. Leaf has created.”

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage (MMF), Paranormal, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 55,627
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

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When Sparrow Martin dreams about President Morgan Wilde, she thinks she’s going crazy. Ordinary people like her don’t bond with the President, right? But when she dreams about a second man along with Morgan, she knows she needs to find her bond-mates or risk losing her mind.

Morgan knows he’s bonding, but he has no idea what to do about it. One of the people he’s dreaming about is a man whose face he can’t even see. As President, his responsibility is to his country, not his own desires. Of course, when Sparrow shows up during a White House tour, he discovers dreams can’t be denied.

Justin Boyd is working on a secret project and he doesn’t have time to figure out what’s wrong with him. He’s been sleeping badly for months, but he doesn’t have any of the signs of bonding: no wrist tattoos, no headaches. So why do two people haunt his dreams, night after night?


Manic Readers – 4 stars! – “I loved that Ms. Leaf gave us three distinct individuals. They were strong on their own and together became something much more.”

Just Erotic Romance Reviews – 4 stars! – “I loved the immediate passion between Morgan and Sparrow, and it was interesting how neither felt right, even together, without their unknown third. It was fun that Morgan and Justin’s paths are so intertwined yet they had never met. When Justin senses Morgan and Sparrow bonding while he’s, er, tied up…I laughed out loud!”

The Romance Reviews – 4 stars! – “MARKED MATES by Erin M. Leaf is an interesting, and fascinating read. You are drawn right into the story and are hooked.”

Cocktails and Books – 4 stars! – “What can be more original than a bonded triad that involves the President of the United States?  Throw in creepy political intrigue, technology that is futuristic, but still understandable, and some amazing sex, and you have a WINNER!!!”