Flirt (menage mmf)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, MMF
Word Count: 4043
Heat Level: 4

The following material is for adults only. You must be 18 years or older to continue.


Paige stared at the hole in her bedroom wall in exasperation. I can actually see the studs. She’d only moved into her new house a week ago and already she wanted to kick something. Hard. Hard enough to leave another hole somewhere.

You knew what you were getting into with a fixer-upper, she told herself firmly, impatiently shoving long hair out of her eyes. Even so, she hadn’t expected the wall to just disintegrate when she’d pulled down the wallpaper. Luckily, her brother’s best friend, Liam, owned a construction company. She’d phoned him an hour ago begging for help.

Her spine tingled as she pictured his golden skin and clear, brown eyes. He’s coming to patch up a hole, not flirt with you, Paige. Put your teenage dreams away. She tried to ignore the buzz that hummed through her body, but it wasn’t working. The sound of her front door opening had her biting her lip. Her face flushed, and she ran a hand over her hair reflexively. She couldn’t help it. Liam was hotter than hot. He was the subject of all her teenage fantasies, and now he was here. In her house. In her falling down, stupid, wishful thinking, money-sucking dream home.

Oh my God, get a grip on yourself! She took a deep breath, and then let it out. And then did it again, for good measure.

“Paige? “ Liam’s smooth voice called out, destroying her fragile equilibrium.

“I’m upstairs!” She shoved her hair back again, tucking it behind her ears. Her mattress was still covered with plastic, and propped up in the corner. Scraps of wallpaper littered the drop cloths she’d draped over the hardwood floor. She plucked at her t-shirt, wishing she didn’t have bits of paper glue stuck to her. She wished she was at least five inches taller and twenty pounds lighter, too, but since she didn’t have a fairy godmother, her five feet three curvy body would have to do. She hurried out of her bedroom.

“I like your house.” Liam appeared at the top of the hall stairs, startling her out of her reverie. “It’s charming. Needs a little work though.”

“Ha. You mean it needs a lot of work.” Paige pasted on a smile, hoping to cover her nerves. “It’s really cool of you to come help me.”

He grinned. “No problem. I can’t let my best friend’s little sister sleep in a room with holes in the walls.” Liam glanced around. “I like the windows, and the floors. This room’s got good bones.”

Paige desperately tried to keep her gaze on his face and not on his deliciously muscled biceps, or on the denim covering his generous assets. She licked her lips and forced herself to respond like an adult. “Thanks. I need to wrestle it out of the seventies and into the new millennium though.” She smiled a little more easily this time, grateful Liam was a genuinely nice guy and not just a pretty face. He’d cut his hair short since she’d last seen him and he wore a shirt that said ‘Dash Construction.’ It didn’t do a damn thing to hide his toned chest. She looked away before she started blushing again, but the guy who stood behind him was just as gorgeous as Liam. She pressed her thighs together as a rush of heat surged through her all over again. Shit. I’m going to spontaneously combust if I end up watching these two work on my walls in here.

The guy smiled at her, eyes twinkling almost as if he knew exactly what she was thinking.

Paige gathered the shreds of her composure. “So, Liam, who’s your friend?” She nodded at the man who’d followed him up the stairs. He stood slightly taller than Liam’s six feet. Paige let her eyes linger over his muscular shoulders before checking out the rest of him. His light brown hair fell boyishly over his forehead, highlighting lovely blue eyes.

Awesome. Two gorgeous men in my house and I look like a cleaning lady. She smoothed her messy shirt over her sweat-shorts self-consciously.

“This is Josh, the crazy man who decided to throw in with me when I said I wanted to start my own business. He’s a good guy.” Liam punched Josh lightly on the arm. “Say something witty.”

Josh rolled his eyes. “I apologize for Liam. Everything that comes out of his mouth is stupid, but he can’t seem to help himself.”

Paige laughed. He’s handsome, and he has a sense of humor. I’m definitely going to make a fool of myself today. She wanted to bang her head on the wall, in the hopes that the pain would calm down her libido, but instead she forced herself to act like a normal adult. Banging my head on the walls would probably just open up more holes, anyway. “Hello, Josh.”

He held out a hand. “Nice to meet you, Paige.”

She gave him her palm. He was warm and strong and his biceps bulged as he gently shook and let go. Wow, he’s something. She hoped they couldn’t tell how flustered she felt. “Nice to meet you, too.” She rubbed a thumb over her palm. It tingled. She wanted to run her fingers all over his body, and Liam’s too. Damn. She had to stop the mental gymnastics. They’re not here for you, girl. They’re here to fix your wall, she reminded herself.

“So, where is this hole you were freaking out about?” Liam asked, eyeing the strips of half-removed wallpaper piled on trash bag in the hall.

Paige tore her gaze away from Josh’s chest. “In here.” She led them into the bedroom. “I really hope you can help because I’m clueless about drywall repair.” She stopped in front of the damaged wall and sighed. “Look at it. It’s a disaster.” Strips of chicken-themed wallpaper hung from the wall, taunting her with their horrifying chicken grins. “This wallpaper gives me nightmares. It has to go, but I didn’t expect the wall to go with it.”

“Chicken wallpaper. Now I can say I’ve seen it all,” Josh said, a hint of incredulity in his voice.

“Yeah,” Paige said, glumly. “It’s a crime against eyeballs everywhere.”

Josh grinned. Paige felt a tiny sense of accomplishment at making such a hot guy smile, but then she remembered that the men weren’t here to flirt. I’m hopeless, she thought, stealing yet another glance at Liam’s delightfully muscular arms. He caught her looking. She blushed.

“Looks like all we need is to bring up some sheetrock and patch the hole. Shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.” Josh looked around. “The other walls are fine. I’ve got drywall in the back of my truck and some patching compound.”

She smiled in relief, trying to ignore her hot cheeks. ”Oh, that’s great! I thought it was going to be a lot worse. This is the last wall I tackled with the steamer to get the wallpaper off, and of course, it would be the worst.” Maybe if I talk a lot it will distract them from my inability to stop staring at their … assets.

“We’re happy to help.” Liam winked at her.

Whoa. Is he flirting? What do I do? Paige picked at a stray bit of paper hanging from the wall, then decided to take a risk. “You’re my knight in shining denim, Liam.” She grinned cheekily at him. If he was going to flirt, she was going to flirt right back at him. Even if it goes nowhere.

Josh laughed when Liam winked again.

Paige’s heart flipped over in her chest. When the heck did hottie number two sneak up behind me? She glanced at him over her shoulder. He has a sexy laugh.

“You know, Liam told me about you,” Josh said, putting a finger to her cheek. He slid her hair around her ear, making it tingle.

He smelled like cinnamon and sunlight. She should be upset that he was touching her, right? A man she’d just met? Yeah, right, like I’m going to protest. Not. She wanted to lean back against his delectable pecs and bite his chin until he leaned down… Okay, whoa. Enough of those thoughts, girl. Behave. “What’d Liam say about me?” she asked instead of rubbing herself all over his body. Josh’s blue eyes held humor, and something else. Something that made her pussy clench in excitement. Wow, he packs a hell of a punch with those baby blues.

“He told me that when you were fifteen you wore this little bikini top one afternoon.” Josh was grinning now.

“Oh no, he did not tell you about the pool incident!” Paige straightened up, dismayed. She wanted to crawl into the hole in her wall. She flushed again, this time from embarrassment.

Josh nodded. “He did. He told me that your brother pushed you in the pool and when you came out—”

“Your top didn’t come with you.” Liam moved closer.

Paige sucked in a sharp breath. The heat from their bodies warmed her skin. “I was mortified! I ran into the house crying.” She chewed on her bottom lip, trying to push the memory of that awful afternoon back down into her subconscious where it belonged. “I can’t believe you remember that,” she added, shifting her weight. Liam and Josh were standing a little too close for comfort. What are they doing? Her body flared from arousal to embarrassment and back again.

“Are you kidding me?” Liam chuckled.

The sexy sound liquefied her spine. She bit her lip, hoping the pain would help wrestle the sudden heat she felt into submission. No such luck, she thought as Liam’s eyes dropped to her mouth. She licked her lips and his eyes darkened.

“I never forgot that day, and I never will,” he murmured.

What the— Is he going to kiss me? she wondered, heart suddenly pounding. He’s my brother’s best friend! This is crazy.

“You were so young, but oh, so beautiful.” He rubbed his thumb over her lips, shocking her into stillness. “And you still are.” He dipped his head down until their lips met.

Paige gasped, so aroused she couldn’t think clearly. Liam’s tongue slipped inside, tasting her. Oh my God, he’s kissing me. Liam is kissing me. She trembled, hands going to his arms. He felt like warm steel beneath her fingers. When he broke the kiss she stared at him, speechless. Is this really happening?

“I also remember the day you lost your diary. You were eighteen,” Liam whispered, nibbling along her jaw to her ear.

Paige blushed, remembering yet another embarrassing episode. She tried to speak, but nothing came out. She cleared her throat and tried again. “You found it for me before my brother could read it.”

He nodded. “What I never told you is that I read it.”

She gaped at him, horrified. “What?” Oh no… Paige remembered exactly why she didn’t want anyone reading her diary.

“I wish I could tell you I was sorry, but I’ve never regretted it.” Liam’s voice was low and raspy.

She swallowed. He’d moved close enough for her to feel his erection branding her hip. Liam has a hard-on. For me. And his friend Josh watched us kiss. Paige shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts, but she was still stuck on the knowledge that he’d read her innermost teenage secrets. Including the ones about him. “I … what?”

Liam ignored her stuttering, kissing back along her cheek. “In the last entry you said you wanted to make love to two men at the same time.” He nipped the edge of her mouth.

Paige couldn’t breathe. In her shock, she barely noticed when Josh gently put his hands on her waist, but then he nosed into the nape of her neck, hot breath giving her goose bumps. Oh God, she thought, mouth going dry at the assault on her senses. Josh stroked the skin peeking out from under her shirt at her hips as if to soothe her, but instead his touch aroused her more. He kissed her shoulder. His body was a solid, hot length down her back. Oh my God, they’re not flirting with me, they’re making a move!

“That entry got me so hot I jacked off to it. More than once,” Liam said, softly kissing her brow.

Paige shuddered at the thought of Liam masturbating to the words she’d written. This is surreal, she thought, wondering how her day had veered from disaster into dream fulfillment. Liam had veered from flirting right into bonfire territory, and she could barely keep up.

“Now’s your chance, Paige. Do you want us to make love to you?” Liam kissed her lightly. “Please say yes.”

Wait. What? Is he serious? Paige blinked. “But I don’t really know Josh at all,” she said weakly. She felt ridiculous for protesting at all, given that Josh was still pressed up against her from behind, and she certainly hadn’t said ‘no’ when he’d kissed her neck.

“I’ve known Josh for years,” Liam said, leaning back to look into her eyes. “I trust him. Do you trust me?”

Paige couldn’t make a decision with Liam staring into her soul like that. She closed her eyes as she chewed on the inside of her cheek. Focus, Paige. Yes or no?

“I would never hurt you, sweetheart,” Josh added. His voice at her ear sent shivers down her spine.

God. Did she want this? Hell, yes! Was it wise? Maybe not. Fuck it. I don’t care. Paige took a deep breath and opened her eyes. “I’ve always trusted you, Liam,” she said, directly into his intense brown gaze.

Liam glanced at Josh, eyes hot as whiskey, and then he turned back to her. “You won’t regret this.” He bent down and devoured her mouth as if he’d been afraid she’d say no. When he broke off, Josh turned her around and kissed her for the first time, lips hot and skillful.

Paige moaned. He tasted like cinnamon candy. Hot, hot, she thought until he bit her bottom lip, fracturing her concentration.

When Josh finally lifted his head, he smiled wickedly at her and walked her backwards until she bumped into the mattress she’d propped against the wall.

“What—” she began, but Josh’s mouth cut off her words. When he broke the kiss, she gasped for air, fingers scrabbling at the mattress. Plastic rustled under her palms. Holy hell, he sure knows his way around a kiss.

“We’ll make you feel fantastic, Paige,” Liam murmured, dropping to his knees. He slid a hand up her legs and teased at her panties.

She shivered as his fingers stroked her pussy. Heat flooded her core. “This is crazy.” She could hardly believe that Liam was on his knees for her.

“Crazy can be fun,” Josh said as he tugged at her shirt. “Off. I want to see you.”

Paige let him pull it over her head. His eyes dropped to her breasts as Liam eased her shorts down. Her skin burned, and she knew he could see the flush on her skin.

“Wow, gorgeous,” Josh muttered, clearly unconcerned with her natural tendency to go pink when turned on. He flicked his fingers over her bra, finding her nipples.

She arched her back. Josh smiled and undid the scrap of lace. Her breasts bounced free and he immediately lowered his head, suckling her. She moaned as she lost herself in the exquisite pleasure. “Josh, oh my God—”

Liam laughed, and before she could figure out what he was going to do, he’d pulled down her panties and nosed up her right thigh. Her legs wobbled when he pushed them wider.

Paige looked down, unable to believe what was happening. Liam is looking at my pussy, she thought. Therefore, I’m dreaming. There’s no other explanation for this.

“I’ve got you, Paige,” Liam said, gripping her thighs in both hands. “Relax, honey.” The muscles in his arms bulged as he bent his head to her and started licking her clit.

Paige shuddered and lost the ability to stand. Luckily, both Josh and Liam held her in place against the mattress. Oh God, oh God, oh God, her mind chanted as her teen fantasy came true. Liam’s mouth felt like fire against her core.

“That’s a hell of a sight,” Josh said, staring down at his friend. He moved his hands to her waist so he could suckle her nipples again.

Paige tossed her head, unable to form a single word in reply. I’ve died and gone to heaven. When Liam eased a finger inside her, she froze as an orgasm suddenly, shockingly, barreled through her. She cried out, and if Josh hadn’t had his hands around her waist, she would have fallen.

“Jesus, you’re beautiful,” Josh breathed, holding her through the aftershocks.

Paige couldn’t respond. She could barely breathe. What just happened? I’ve never climaxed so fast before.

“She certainly is,” Liam said, standing up and wiping his face with his hand. “And we’re not done yet.”

Paige stared at him. He winked at her. Huh, she thought, nonplussed. He flirts even in the middle of making love.

“Here, lean against the mattress,” Josh said.

Paige dug her fingers into the plastic covered bed as he eased away. “That was … unexpected,” she croaked. And amazing. And wonderful.

Josh smirked as he stripped off his clothes. “Just wait until I’m inside you.”

Heat flared through her. “You sound pretty cocky for a guy I’ve just met,” Paige said, eyes roaming across his nude body. He had a beautiful tattoo of a star constellation over his right bicep, but the real prize was his thick, dusky cock. It curved up and slightly left. A bead of pre-cum welled from the tip. Paige licked her lips.

Josh grinned. “I’m confident, not cocky. There’s a difference.”

“Here, Mr. Confident. Suit up.” Liam tossed him a condom. Josh caught it and ripped open the package.

Paige snorted. “Yup. Cocky.” She reached out, wanting to touch him, but before she could make contact, Liam kissed her.

“Which one of us do you want first, honey?” he asked, after she’d completely lost the ability to breathe. Again. He stepped back and stripped off his clothes. Liam tore open another condom and rolled it down his erection.

She stared at him. Miles of smooth skin greeted her gaze. I’m supposed to choose? Liam was everything she’d dreamed of for years: hard muscles and a thick, rosy cock. And Josh was just as lovely with his tattoo and bright blue eyes. “Are you kidding?” she asked incredulously, looking from one to the other.

Josh laughed. “You go first, Liam. I’ll hold her up.”

The next thing Paige knew Liam had handed her off to Josh. He leaned back against the mattress, and Liam moved in, lifting her up. He smiled and kissed her. “Relax, Paige. It’s just me.”

“Liam,” she gasped, as he pushed into her. His cock slid inside with one smooth thrust. Behind her, Josh put his hands up and around her breasts, teasing her nipples until she shivered.

“God, you’re so wet for me,” Liam murmured, hips thrusting.

Paige wrapped her legs around his hips and moaned as he bumped against her clit. “Oh my God, I can’t believe this is real. Is this real?” She gripped his shoulders, loving the way his muscles moved as he fucked her.

“It’s real, baby,” Josh said, sliding his hands down her torso to her hips. “And you smell delicious.” He put his hands on her ass and held her open as Liam thrust inside again. “Wow. You’re hot as fuck.” His cock poked at her, too, as he flexed his legs. When Liam pulled out the next time, Josh shoved in.

Paige cried out as pleasure rippled through her. Sparks swirled across her eyelids.

“Holy fuck,” Liam groaned, dropping his head to her shoulder. His cocked bumped her clit, and she writhed at the dual sensation of them both at her pussy. He rocked into her, sliding over the bundle of nerves again and again, until she thought she’d die if she didn’t orgasm. Again.

Josh kissed her nape, breathing hard. “Yeah, what he said.” He pulled out and Liam thrust in again. They established a rhythm, each man taking turns fucking her.

Paige heartily approved. They surrounded her, hard and hot and delicious. She writhed, reaching for the edge. Josh gripped her breasts again, then bit her neck. She groaned, jammed full of heat and cock and amazement. When Liam kissed her, she trembled, barely holding on anymore. “So close,” she gasped.

“Good.” Liam kissed her hard, devouring her mouth as the two of them stepped up the pace. “Fuck, you’re perfect for us, Paige. We’re never letting you go.”

“What he said,” Josh added, lips finding and soothing the spot on her skin he’d bitten a minute earlier.

Are they serious? she thought, bemused, but then Josh fucked into her again and she didn’t have the mental strength to hold onto her insecurity. Paige dug her hands into his shoulder as their relentless thrusts pushed her over the edge. She couldn’t do a damn thing except ride the wave. Her pussy clenched and Liam grunted, his cock jerking inside her. A few moments later he withdrew and Josh shoved in, groaning. The heat of his dick against her sensitive folds pushed her into another climax and she keened as spots flashed across her vision. Josh’s cock jerked, and more warm heat spread inside her. When the three of them finally relaxed, they slid down the mattress and ended up in a heap on the floor.

“Wow,” Josh said, some time later. He laughed and kissed her arm. “Wow.”

“Yeah. What he said,” Liam muttered, face pressed against Paige’s breast. Neither man seemed able to move.

It’s hard to flirt when you can’t form complete sentences, Paige thought, amused. “Is that all you can say? Wow?” She grinned. They were cute. I’m going to keep them, she vowed to herself. No more lonely nights for me. No more second-guessing what I really want.

“You’re laughing at us?” Liam asked in a disgruntled tone. He raised his head to look at her face. “You are. You’re laughing at us. Not cool.”

She snorted helplessly, too sated to care what she sounded like. “Possibly.” She patted someone’s ass. “It’s because I’m happy. And I’m keeping you.”

Liam rolled his eyes, then chuckled. “Yeah, okay.” He glanced around her room. “We’ll fix this room up today and tomorrow, and then get started on the rest of the house.”

Paige raised her eyebrows. “Cocky. Think you can just take over, huh?”

“Hell yes.” Liam smiled at her. “You knew that when you let me take off your shorts.”

He’s right, damn him. Paige wrinkled her nose. “Okay, then, how are you at fixing plumbing?”

Liam blinked, then leered at her. “You have to ask me that, after what we just did?”

“Just checking.” She laughed. “I have a lot of home repair needs, as you can see.” She gestured towards the hideous chicken wallpaper.

“Sweetheart, you can order us all around your house as long as more sex happens. Maybe in a half hour?” Josh asked hopefully. “And possibly in a place where weird chickens aren’t staring at us?”

His pleading tone cracked her up. “We can do better than a half hour. Fifteen minutes, studly.” She stroked him fondly, envisioning sex in a bed instead of standing up. “And maybe after we set up the mattress somewhere horizontal.”

Josh growled wordlessly.

“You broke him, Paige,” Liam complained, eyes twinkling. “He can’t make actual words anymore.”

“It’s temporary.” She grinned. “And I think I can fix him.”

“I hope so, because I’ve got plans.” Liam smirked at her, kissing the side of her left breast.

Josh growled again, lifting his head. “I get the middle next time.”

Liam huffed and rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”

Josh settled back down. “Good.”

Paige shook her head, pretending exasperation, but actually doing a mental dance of glee in her head. What else could she do? Sometimes teenage dreams actually came true.


© 2017 Erin M. Leaf