Constellation (erotic romance mf)


Erotic Romance, Contemporary, MF
Word Count: 6,337
Heat Level: 4

The following material is for adults only. You must be 18 years or older to continue.


The dusk gleamed clear and sparkling after weeks of rain. When I glanced outside around seven, the sky gleamed such a brilliant flaming orange, I just stopped and stared. It beckoned to me like a tantalizing dream you want back but can’t get no matter how hard you try to drift back into sleep. It dragged me onto the balcony where I stared into the light, so beautiful after watching rainwater and mold crawling down the wood shingles for so long. I knew I just couldn’t spend another moment cooped up. I felt like leaping out into the last pieces of sunlight and swimming away into the blue and orange horizon, along the mysterious dark mountains holding it up. Absurd of me, I know. I sighed, running my hands along the damp wood railing. Then I looked up again at the flaming sky and decided to get out that moment, go to the bookstore or something. The interstate would take about forty-five minutes and since it was west of my home I could watch the last of the sunset on the way. It would be beautiful. Which, of course, reminded me of him. I called.

Fifteen minutes later I pulled up outside his house, beeped the horn, and put some music in the stereo. When he appeared in the doorway dressed in old jeans and a worn jacket, I just stared, as if I was seeing him for the first time. He was beautiful. His youth streamed off of him like rain on the pavement and I shuddered in unexpected lust. I’d never thought of him like that, my old friend. It was disconcerting to find my comfortable old shirt turn into sexy raw silk in the space of a moment’s breath.

His jacket lay open against his chest, gaping wider as he paused to close the door. Then he waved and the sun rising over his shoulder blinded me so I couldn’t see his face until he came up to my car. When he got in, I blinked at him, watching the spots in my vision swim around his head. His neck gleamed moist from his wet hair, and the luscious sight of the water on his skin mesmerized me.

“Hey,” he said, settling in, snapping the seatbelt in place. I didn’t reply. I was frozen. The sexiest hint of stubble ran over his jaw and cheeks, and his hazel-green eyes tilted questioningly as I continued to stare at him, like an idiot.

“Yo, Sadie, you here?” he teased, waving his fingers in front of my face. He grinned, dimples peeking briefly at me as he snapped his fingers near my nose. “Hello? Hello?”

“Yeah, uh, hi,” I replied, finally getting a grip. This is just Jonathan! “Sorry, I guess I was daydreaming a bit there.” I explained. I didn’t explain further, because I was still having trouble focusing on reality. I blinked again. He chuckled, and settled back into his seat. What the hell was he laughing about?

Just then, my favorite song began playing: Say Goodbye. How appropriate, I thought, a song about friends becoming lovers. I tore my eyes away from him, too much temptation. I looked out of the windshield and pulled away from the curb, fidgeting with the steering wheel.

“So, isn’t this the most amazing sunset?” I asked him, pointing, trying to distract him from staring at my face. The sun was setting in a flame of red and orange, lighting the last few cirrus clouds tracing the horizon. So here we are tonight, you and me together. . . the song hummed, and I picked up speed, driving down his street under the lush summer trees.

“Yeah, pretty incredible,” he agreed, running his hands through his hair. He squirmed out of his jacket beneath the seatbelt, straining the cloth against his body. I kept glancing back as he did this Houdini maneuver and I saw that the top of his black shirt was wet from his shoulder-length hair. I stared, and the car swerved a bit before I brought it back under control. How embarrassing! He looked over at me, and I knew he was wondering what was going on with me tonight. Hopefully, he wouldn’t figure it out.

I pulled onto the main street beyond his house and he started tapping his hand on his knee in time to the music. And then desire, see, is creeping up heavy inside here. . . The sun flickered, glowing between the trees as we drove. The flashes of light highlighted his face, flashing between the leaves, smashing into my line of sight. He looked ahead, up the street, as I sneaked my eyes back and forth from the road to his face. The sun was driving me crazy, veiling his features, until I finally pulled onto the highway where it lit up his whole body, glittered upon his wet hair. I sighed. He glanced over at me, saw me staring again, and cocked his head in question: what is it?

“It’s so pleasant to watch it set,” I lied to his unspoken question, gesturing at the horizon. He nodded. “I wanted to get out of my apartment, I was going nuts after working all day, being cooped up inside.” I continued, glancing surreptitiously at him from the corner of my eyes. He still looked gilded, like an unwrapped gold foil chocolate. Yum.

“I agree.” he answered. “I like to get out, see the sky and the stars after working all day.” He spoke in a low voice and the sound of it rumbled over my skin. How sexy, I thought. I wondered how he would feel against me, murmuring to me if we were making love. That voice would send shivers through my body. He ran his hand through his hair again, wetting his shirt even more. He saw me watching him, and sheepishly lowered his hand to his leg. Oh yeah, much better! I thought sarcastically. Draw my attention to the groin.

“I just got out of the shower,” he explained, rubbing his hand up and down his pants to dry it off. No kidding. What do I say to that? I didn’t reply, just swallowed as I looked at him then jerked my eyes back to the road. Watch the road Sadie, I repeated to myself a few times. Don’t want to die in a car accident because you couldn’t keep your eyes to yourself. Okay, have to say something and stop acting like a total dope.

“I noticed you’re still all wet,” I said, blushing and hoping he couldn’t tell. “Didn’t you shave?” God, why did I ask him that? Because you’ve been staring at that sexy stubble for fifteen minutes now, Sadie, I answered myself.

“ No, I wasn’t in the mood.” he replied. “It’s such a pain, sometimes.”

I laughed. “I can totally relate,” I replied, thinking of how annoying it is to shave my legs all the time, and other places, too. He looked at me, and grinned.

“Woah, that’s not what I was expecting you to say,” he teased. “I forget that you women actually shave a lot more than guys do.” He looked out the window. “Actually, I’m surprised you asked me about it.” Me too, I thought.

“About shaving?”

“Yeah, I don’t think we’ve ever had a discussion about showering and shaving,” he said. He looked back at me, peering intently through the increasing dark. “Hmm, when do you shave?” he asked, his low voice teasing.

“Uh, hmm. That’s kind of an intimate question, you know.” I replied, coward that I am. The sun was almost completely beneath the horizon by then, and I couldn’t make out his expression anymore. But I could feel his eyes, boring into me. I heard his hands running up and down his pants, and I thought: what an unbearably sexual sound.

“Not really,” he answered. “I think an intimate question is a lot more personal than how often you shave,” he said. “Besides, it isn’t as if we haven’t known each other forever!”

“Yeah, I remember babysitting you! You were a real pain in the butt!” I retorted. I couldn’t figure out where he was going with this. I was afraid of where he was going with this. Afraid or tempted, Sadie, I wondered to myself. This entire trip tonight was becoming entirely too bizarre for my concept of reality. I did not think about sex with Jonathan, my friend. My much younger-than-me friend!

“So?” he questioned again. Damn, he wasn’t going to drop it.

“So,” I sighed. “Um, well, I usually shave every other day. It seems to keep the right balance between smoothness and lack of irritation.” I answered, slightly embarrassed, even as I wondered what other questions he might ask me.

“I usually shave every morning,” he said, rubbing his hand over his cheeks. “I wasn’t really in the mood to do it again today, and I didn’t think you’d mind the stubble.” I could tell he was smiling by the lightness of his voice. As if whether or not he had stubble was ever a concern of mine!

“Well,” I said, “actually, I like it.” There! Let him chew on that statement.

“Hmm, really?” he murmured, “Most women prefer clean-shaven, less irritating, you know.” I couldn’t believe it! Was he flirting with me? I decided to jump off the deep end, throw off the covers, so to speak, and just ask him right out. Let’s see how he handles this! I thought to myself.

“Jonathan, are you flirting with me?” I asked lightly, staring at the road. I was positive he couldn’t tell how my heart pounded, or that my hands were sweating. At least, I hoped he couldn’t tell. I wasn’t certain where this newfound attraction I had for him came from and I definitely didn’t want him to know about it. I’d be humiliated. Older Woman Lusts After College Student, the headline flashed through my brain. I checked out the horizon, trying to redirect my thoughts: just the faintest hint of purple remained. The same color as his shirt in the fading light. The shirt that was even now hugging the smooth muscles of his body. I shook my head, stop it!

“And what if I said yes, Sadie?” he replied softly. My mouth went dry. It took several minutes to figure out what question he was answering. That voice! It did something to me. Then the words sunk in. God! Did he say what I think he said? I looked over at him, the grinning idiot and decided to pounce. Serves him right for fucking with my head! I said lightly: “Oh, I don’t know, could be interesting. I taught you algebra, and tutored your english classes in high school. I suppose I could give you some pointers.” I turned to look at him again just as he inhaled sharply and let it out. I felt the same way: more air, more air! He looked irritated and amused at the same time, when suddenly another huge grin spread across his face.

“Oh, you were always the best tutor, Sadie,” he said. Damn, called my bluff!

“So, ask me something intimate, Jon,” I said. I don’t know where my mouth got those words, or even if they were connected to my brain at all. The sky was completely dark now, along with my wits. The highway lit dimly in front of us with the Mustang’s high beams and the stars stretching far above us were the only lights around. I felt my life stretching far away from all familiar roads. Yeah, right up into space, Sadie, that’s where you’re going. Courtesy of a mental breakdown. This lust was insane.

I glanced over to find him looking at me, the gleam of his eyes all I could see of his face now. Was he smiling? Huh, probably smirking. After all, this was the same kid that put beetles in my bed when he was ten and I was twenty and irritated to once again be babysitting. But then, my mom could still talk me into anything. She and his mom would just die if they knew what was going on here. His hands were back to rubbing his pants, up and down, up and down. Damnit! Was he doing that to torment me on purpose?

“Intimate, hmm,” he said quietly. “Ok, Sadie.” He paused. “When you go to bed at night, do you ever lie down naked and touch yourself?” My heart started pounding furiously and all the air in the car was suddenly sucked into the vacuum of my shock. He spoke again, “Do you ever feel your nipples? Ever move your hand down to that luscious pussy I know you have and rub your clit until you come?” His low voice teased me. I couldn’t think. How did he know? I looked over at him, and couldn’t see anything, the sun down all the way now. Shit. Now he had me thinking about last night, going to bed, touching myself. What to say?

“Yes.” I answered, my voice a whole hell of a lot calmer sounding than I expected. “Do you?” I asked him back.

“Of course,” Jonathan replied. “Would you like to hear how I masturbate?” he asked me quietly. I sucked in air. I wanted to hear. I wanted to see. And damnit! He sounded as composed as if we were talking about the weather. All I could think of at this point were how his hands would look stroking his sex.

“Yes.” I answered, staring desperately at the road. More stars were appearing now, twinkling at me, laughing. The moon peeked over the horizon.

“Well, first I usually sleep naked, so I don’t have to take my pants off.” He replied in an unbelievably low voice. I shivered. “It’s really easy to get an erection, you know, I just think about touching someone and my cock gets hard.” I couldn’t believe he was saying these things to me. I was holding my breath by then, so aroused by the thought of Jonathan touching himself I couldn’t even concentrate on my driving. Thank god there was no other traffic on the interstate tonight.

“Go on,” I said, clearing my throat. “Please.”

“I’m sure you must have seen this sometime, Sadie?” he asked. He shifted in his seat and I wondered if he had an erection right now? God! I couldn’t see anything, but I could imagine how sexy he would look with his penis straining against the fabric of his jeans. Was he touching himself now?

“No, I’ve always been curious but never had the opportunity. Tell me. I want to know.” I answered, praying he would continue. Could he tell how aroused I was? The stars were completely out now, and they swirled above me as I sped along the road, just like my thoughts. So much for me giving him pointers!

“Well, once I’m hard, I usually reach down with my right hand, I’m right handed you know, and grasp myself at the base of my cock. I slowly move my hand up to the head, and swirl my thumb around. God! That feels so good when I do that.” I could just imagine doing that to him, touching him. What an image!

“Sadie?” he said.


“Are you still interested in hearing about this?” he asked me.

“Yes!” I nearly shouted. I could hear him chuckling, the jerk!

“Ok, you asked for it,” he continued. “By then I usually move on to running my hand up and down myself, circling my cock-head with my thumb on the up-swing. I rub my pre-come over the head, making it slippery. I sometimes reach my hand down . . .” here he paused. He seemed to be breathing a little more heavily now, and I know I certainly wasn’t breathing normally! My panties were getting damp, too.

“What do you do, Jonathan?” I asked him.

“I’ve never told anyone else this,” he said. “I have no idea if anyone else even does this.” He took a deep breath, and continued, “I sometimes reach my hand down and play with my anus, it makes everything feel so intense. After that, I usually come almost immediately.” I was so aroused by the idea of him touching himself, I know I was weaving a bit on the road.

“God, Jonathan,” I told him. “I can’t believe you’re telling me this!”

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this, either!” he laughed. He shifted in his seat again and I saw him move his arm over his groin in the shadows. He looked like he was pressing in, as if his erection were trying to get out and he was forcibly restraining it.

“Are you hard right now?” I asked him, my mouth dry. I had to know. I swallowed. I didn’t know if he would answer me. I hoped he would. He didn’t say anything right away. I thought he wasn’t going to say anything.

“Yes.” he whispered.

“God.” I said, quietly.

“Have you ever thought about me, about sex with me, Sadie?” he asked me.

“No, not really, but I am now,” I answered quietly. I could feel his grin, even though it was too dark to see it. “You’re ten years younger than me, and I guess I was used to thinking of you as a little kid. I guess you’re not a little kid anymore though, huh. You’re what, twenty-one?”

“Yeah, just turned twenty-one last week, as you well know since you were at my birthday party,” he retorted. Then he sighed. “I don’t want to impose on you, if I’m getting too personal, tell me and I’ll stop,” he said.

“No! No, this is incredible. . . . I mean, it’s fine. You’ve always just been that boy next door to me, you know? And anyway, I’m so much older than you, I can’t even imagine you wanting to talk about . . . talk about this with me.” I forced out quietly. Now I was shifting in my seat.

“Well, to be honest, I’ve always thought about you Sadie. I know I’m younger than you, but you’ve always been so beautiful and confident.” Jonathan told me. I glanced over at him in disbelief. Me? Confident? He was looking out the windshield, not at me. “Actually,” he continued, “you’re the person I picture when I hold touch myself. I picture your legs open to me, exposed so I can enter you.” I was definitely in shock. I spotted a sign for a scenic overlook, one mile further on the interstate. I decided that driving was probably not a good idea any more considering how much I was shaking

“Jonathan, I’m going to pull over ahead. I don’t think I can drive anymore,” I told him.

“Oh, ok,” he replied. The car was silent for the rest of the mile, the music over. I pulled up the small road to the scenic overlook, and parked the car, facing west. The lights from the sparsely populated country below us sparkled in contrast to the tiny stars that filled the sky above us. We got out of the car and leaned on the warm hood. I avoided his face. I was so damn nervous!

“Sadie?” Jonathan quietly spoke. He was facing me, hands in his pants pockets.

“I’ve told you something about myself. Now I want to hear you describe to me how you give yourself pleasure.” He dragged out the word pleasure, ending with a low growl. I stared at him, challenged. I suddenly wanted to make him as hot and aroused as I was after listening to him. “It’s only fair, you know,” he murmured.

“Ok, Jonathan.” I hopped up onto the car and kicked off my sandals, folding my legs crosswise under my dress. I looked up at the sky, down at the valley below, anywhere but at Jonathan and his intense stare. He moved closer to me, and leaned on the car, his thigh brushing my right knee. It tingled.

“When I masturbate, I don’t usually fantasize about any person. I just enjoy touching myself, feeling my skin and the sheets against me.” Jonathan nodded.

“I like to run my hands up and down my body, eventually touching my breasts. I roll my nipples between my fingers until they get erect, then I grasp them and lightly rub my finger or thumb over the tip. I’m so sensitive to that.” I could feel Jonathan looking at me, at my breasts through my dress. My nipples were erect right now, and I wondered if he could see them. I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“And then what do you do?” he asked me, his voice low.

“I run my hand slowly down to my pussy,” I said. “Sometimes, I lick one finger and before I push it gently into myself, then I rub my wetness all over. It feels really good to be slick and wet. Sometimes I get up and walk around the room, feeling the wet between my legs sliding my labia back and forth.” At this description, Jonathan began breathing heavily. I was wet right now. I could smell my arousal and perversely, I hoped he could smell me too. I smiled to myself and continued, “I like to go over to my mirror and watch myself masturbate, watch myself climax. I rub my fingers over my clit, holding my lips apart so I can see, and I keep rubbing until I orgasm. Sometimes I put my other fingers into my pussy, and rub my clit at the same time.” I stopped, and looked at him. He stared back at me, and slowly, so that I could see him, moved his hand out of his pocket and over to his groin. He carefully rubbed his hand up and down, and I could see that his sex was erect and huge behind the denim.

My God! I thought. This is Jonathan, standing before me with an erection! I felt like I’d been transported out of my normal reality and into some other dimension. What was he thinking? Hell! What was I thinking?

“Sadie, would you like to see me?” he asked suddenly. I nodded, shaky. He unbuttoned his pants, and toed off his shoes. He slipped his jeans down over his hips, then eased his boxer-briefs down over his firm cock. I stared at his groin in shock. I wanted to run my hands all over him, suck him into my mouth and lick the moisture from his tip, he was so beautiful, and so hard, but I couldn’t see all of him. He still had his shirt on.

“Move over,” he commanded. As I did, he sat on the car right next to me and faced me with his legs folded. He jutted out from under his shirt, pointing directly at me.

“Open your shirt,” I told him. He slowly unbuttoned the shirt for me, and I saw his erection fully now. His penis was beautiful, large and firm with a wonderful thick head topping it off.

Slowly, he reached his hand to himself, and grasped himself. I couldn’t resist. I stuck my index finger into my mouth. I drew it out, and placed my saliva on the head of his cock. He jerked under my fingers, gasping. He felt like hot satin beneath my hand.

“God, Sadie, what are you doing?”

“Helping,” I replied, moving back again, watching as his hand stroked himself. He slowly circled the head with his thumb, and began a rhythmic movement, up and down, up and down. I was so wet now, I was sure my dress was soaked. Watching him masturbate, touch himself, I felt an arousal more intense than any I’d experienced before. He was so sensual, his drying hair now falling over his eyes, his strong hand stroking himself, up and down. I reached up to touch my breasts through my dress and Jonathan sucked in his breath, watching me. His eyes were intense, glittering, and I threw my head back to stare at the sky as I cupped my breasts.

He shifted, and I looked back down at him, not wanting to miss any of this. He slid himself off the car and shrugged off his shirt completely. He just stood there, looking at me, totally exposed and vulnerable. I stared and then licked my lips. He was incredible, standing there nude and proud under the stars. The moonlight silhouetted his body, highlighting his muscles. His stomach was flat, and he had a sprinkling of dark hair on his chest. Just a trail of hair trickled down beneath his navel, down into his groin where his erection stood out, pointing at me.

“Jonathan, you’re beautiful,” I said, astonished that he would stand before me so exposed. I was still holding my breasts, and I could feel my nipples erect against my palms.

“Sadie, spread your legs for me, show yourself to me,” he said, reaching down once more to touch himself. His strong hand mesmerized me, holding his cock, pointing it at me, rubbing his palm up and down, circling the head. My mouth felt empty, I wanted to suck him, fuck him until we both lost our minds.

“Please, Sadie,” he whispered, shaking now with his arousal. He moved in closer, and I opened my legs and pulled my dress up above my knees, and then above my waist. My panties were dripping, and I slid my finger up the cotton, grazing my clit. I shuddered, and so did Jonathan, quickening his tempo. I slid my panties down over my hips, and then kicked them from my ankles. Then, I leaned back, and exposed myself to him. I felt a jolt of erotic pleasure hit my clit, and I watched him flush as he saw my pussy, glistening in the starlight. I was throbbing and wet, and so hot I thought I would faint.

“Sadie, look at me,” he groaned. “Look at me touch myself. Do you like watching a man stroke himself?” I nodded, and cleared my throat, fingers on my clit.

“Jonathan,” I said, “don’t stop.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not going to stop. I want you to watch me come. I want to come while your eyes watch me and your fingers touch yourself.” I moaned, shivered, close to orgasm myself, from his words, from his sex and his hand moving so purposefully.

“I’ve always wanted to come in front of a woman. In front of you, Sadie.” he said, voice low. “Do you know how sensitive my cock is right now? How close I am to losing it, watching your fingers sliding around your pussy, watching you pleasure yourself?” I nodded. Where had my confidence gone? I’d expected that I would be the leader in this erotic game, being older than he is, but he’d completely stolen any sense of dominance on my part. His utter masculinity defied my impressions of his youth. Right now he was a man, fully grown, confident, sexual. I no longer thought of him as a kid I’d babysat, but as a male come to pleasure himself for me. He was hard all over, his face tightening into the stark expression signaling orgasm. I wanted to see his come spurting out of him.

Suddenly, his whole body tightened up, and his hand stopped, as he moved closer to me and placed his penis on my leg. He groaned, and then his hand moved over the head and he jerked, white seed shooting out of him, onto my leg, and the car. I shuddered, plunging my fingers into my pussy and over my clit. I didn’t hold back, I came and came and came for what seemed an infinity, as Jonathan gently stroked himself through his orgasm and the sky danced stars around my brain.

I came to my senses a long moment later, shaking and a little cramped from my position on the car.

“Well,” I croaked, dry mouthed. Jonathan stood looking at me, still partly erect after his orgasm.

“Well,” he said, still running his hands along his length. I had an almost overpowering urge to reach out and touch him, but I kept myself under control, and instead gently lowered my dress over myself.

“I guess we should be going,” I said, and he nodded. He turned from me, and bent to pick up his clothes, when suddenly he laughed out loud and spun around, bare beneath the sky. I was dumbstruck, in awe at this beautiful man spinning naked in front of me.

“Are you crazy,” I yelled, laughing when he grabbed my hand, yanking me off the car. He pulled me close to him, and his head swooped down, fastening on one of my still-erect nipples. I gasped, and stopped trying to push against him, instead wrapping my hands around his shoulders and head and hanging on for dear life.

“Sadie, I want you.” he gasped, grasping my buttocks and squeezing me against his naked body.

“I can’t believe how you teased me, flicking your nipples back and forth in front of me. Then, when you lifted your dress, and kicked off your panties, I thought I would die,” he whispered to me against my breast. He fastened his teeth again to my nipple, and stroked his tongue back and forth over the tip; it was as though he was shocking me with electric current. I felt his erection pushing into my stomach, already recovered, and I looked up into his face, the stars circling his head as he let go of my nipple and straightened up. His mouth was so tempting, so delicious, that I didn’t answer. I just stretched up and fastened my mouth on his luscious lower lip, sucking and tonguing it. I was starving. I wanted to feel him throbbing inside me, his fingers and mouth busy with my body. He gasped when I kissed him and grasped me even tighter, his sex pushing and pulsing against me.

“God,” I gasped, searching for air, for a stable thought or place to steady myself, but my arousal was raging inside me, lust for this incredible man already burning again through my skin. He smelled of musk, and fresh shower, and sex.

“Please, Sadie, let me touch you, let me fuck you, I want to be inside you, I want to put my cock into you, let me . . .” Jonathan was moaning, gasping these words to me. I nodded, and forced his head back to my face, my hands on either side of his face, clutching his hair. I attached myself once more to his beautiful mouth. His tongue stroked mine through my lips, and I vaguely felt his hands shoving down the straps of my dress, over my shoulders, over my breasts until it fell loosely at my feet. And then I was naked, exposed beneath the sky, in the middle of a scenic overlook where anyone could drive up and see us. I didn’t care.

Jonathan shifted me and I felt myself falling, then my back was upon the asphalt, just the thin fabric of my dress to protect me from the ground as he rose above me. My legs opened to him, and his cock nudged my pussy, then stopped. I stared at him, shuddering, wondering how in the world he managed to stop when all I wanted to do was swallow him up. I twitched and tried to push him into me, when he smiled, and moved back as I moved up.

“Jonathan, what are you trying to do to me?” I ground out, fingers clutching his arms, digging into his muscles.

“Ah ah ah,” he said, and abruptly sat back on his knees, his sex flexing around my labia and clit. I gasped, and tried again to get him inside me.

“Jonathan, please,” I begged, desperate.

“Sadie, I want to be inside you, but I also want you to scream with pleasure,” he said, bringing his hands around to my breasts and cupping them gently. His penis was sliding up and down my slit, coating me in my own wetness and his leftover come from before. I convulsed from the pleasure, and closed my eyes seeing stars upon my lids: my own personal constellations. When I opened them again, I saw Jonathan rising above me and Orion cradled his shoulders and head. When I grasped his cock in my hands, it was as if the sky itself was within me, fucking my body and mind.

I rubbed the tip of him against my clitoris and he shook, then squeezed and rubbed my nipples again, which drove me wild. I started bucking and moaning and writhing my hips, grinding myself against him, as he held my breasts, muscles flexing with control. His face looked down into mine, and we locked eyes. His lips were wet and flushed and I remembered biting at them, how smooth he tasted. I stopped moving, holding him in my hands. He moved one of his hands down and inserted a finger into my pussy, then bringing it back out and coating himself with my wetness. I moaned at the incredible sight.

“Oh god,” I gasped. Then suddenly, he pulled my hips up onto his legs, his finger sinking inside me, even deeper into me than before. He was pushing his fingertips gently against my cervix, making my abdomen throb. It felt exquisite, tilted almost upside down. My head began spinning and I almost couldn’t breathe from the pleasure.

“Sadie,” he whispered, “I want to put myself in you. Will you open for me? Open your legs wider now,” he commanded, and I was helpless. I stretched my legs out and open, wider than I’d ever had them. I could feel a breeze now, tickling my pussy, as he gently moved the head of his cock between my labia. I could barely hold still. I didn’t know where he got his control, for I certainly didn’t have any left.

“God! Sadie, I want to fuck you until you scream,” he panted. “You’re incredible, you make me so hard,” he continued, rubbing the upper surface of his shaft against my clit, thrusting shallowly. I shuddered, and reached my hands to his thighs, digging in, holding on, and waiting for him to come inside me. Then, just as he slid that magnificent cock inside me, his hand reached under my buttocks and he slid a finger into my ass. I screamed in pleasure and rammed my hips up onto him. When he placed his other hand on my clit, I moaned and stopped breathing. He began rubbing me up and down, at the same time his finger went in and out of me, and his penis stroked me up and down. The angle of him pushed up against the nerves behind my clit, inside me, and within a few moments, I let go of his legs and scrabbled at the asphalt beneath me, climaxing in one wild rush, feeling his body fill every part of me. Fingers, cock, sky shattered around me, as my clit throbbed and spasmed. I clenched my pussy around him, and bucked and arched off of the ground. The sensation of coming was spread throughout my body, I could feel my nerves tingling and screaming.

When I finally came down, Jonathan was watching me and holding still, fingers and sex still inside me.

“Jonathan,” I whispered, shuddering. “I’ve never felt anything like that!” He grinned at me, and shuddered himself.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” he said, shifting off of his knees and forward. The movement brought him deeper inside me still, and I gasped. He slid out of me, then back in, then out and I felt my orgasm building up once more, as if it hadn’t finished, and was just waiting for him to start moving again. I moaned, and grabbed at his buttocks as he leaned over me then and started pounding into me, ramming me wildly. My legs stretched out into the air, and my breasts bounced as he just went faster and faster until I thought the sky would fall on us.

“Sadie, god,” he muttered, and then with one last shove, gripping my shoulders with his hands, he rammed his cock so deep inside me I felt it all the way up to my throat. He shuddered once, and then pulled out and pushed into me again, lifting my hips up and I orgasmed again, feeling the base of his cock and his pubic hair against my sensitive clit. We both panted, and groaned, and his come pulsed and shot into me, hot and wet as he squeezed at my shoulders uncontrollably, his hips holding my ass up in the air, my back arched.

Finally, his weight dropped, and I dropped down and breathed again. We lay there a few minutes, trying to get our sanity back. He drooped heavy upon me, but I welcomed his weight, liked feeling his skin on mine.

“Sadie, I’m not going to let you go. I waited so long for you to finally see me,” he said, shifting off of me so I could breath easier, but then burying his face in my neck and shaking. I held him close as I looked up at the stars reaching above us. Orion was creeping across the sky, and the sunset was long gone. Even so, I felt cradled in the lap of the sky as I nodded and touched his face with my hands and I felt his body stir inside me once more, incredibly. Even the sound of the car driving up the overlook road couldn’t keep me away from this man, I thought. I loved him. Then he lifted his head from my neck and looked straight down into my eyes, as if he were searching out my very soul and said to me, “Sadie, I love you.”

© 2011 Erin M. Leaf