Not So Theoretical (gay romance)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, MM
Word Count: 5350
Heat Level: 4

The following material is for adults only. You must be 18 years or older to continue.

Not So Theoretical

“But I’ve never been kissed!” Linda whined, pouting at them. Justin held back a grin as he watched Damon run his hands through his hair in frustration. His friend’s eyeliner was smudged but it only made him look more appealing. More masculine. Justin had no idea how he managed that. If Justin tried to wear makeup he’d look like an idiot.

“Linda, seriously? You want us to help?” Damon poked a finger into his glass, fooling with the ice in his drink, clearly uncomfortable. Justin sipped at his root beer, still trying not to laugh at Damon’s helpless expression.

“Yeah, I mean, the two of you have kissed girls. I’ve seen you, Damon. And Justin, you were married! You must know what you’re doing.” Linda grinned at them drunkenly then took another gulp of her drink, clearly trying to look decisive and failing miserably. Justin felt a pang of sympathy at the nervousness she tried so hard to hide. Thank God he’d caught her with the vodka earlier and had managed to switch her drink to soda after only a couple swallows. Linda frowned into her cup sadly. Justin sighed and dropped a few ice cubes into her glass then topped it off with more soda. She was adorable. And underage, he told himself firmly. Linda had a habit of wearing him down. He couldn’t remember how many times she’d talked him into doing something he shouldn’t when she was younger.

“I kiss girls, but it’s just for fun. I’ve never tried to, like, teach someone how to kiss! I’m gay, remember?” Damon yanked on his dark hair again and Justin had to bite his lip to keep from laughing out loud. Damon would not appreciate his amusement. “Justin, help me out here.” Damon cocked his head, the appeal in his bright blue eyes clear. Justin felt his gut clench tight before he was able to shove down the sensation. Damon looked tousled and relaxed, his dark hair sporting blue highlights that matched his eyes. He wore tight jeans and a black t-shirt. Justin felt himself flush. You are not attracted to your best friend, he told himself, then repeated it, hoping his libido would behave. When he met Damon’s gaze, he knew he’d lost the battle. Again. Ah hell.


Damon put his best helpless expression on, hoping Justin wouldn’t be able to resist. Truth was, Justin was a lot better at looking pathetic than Damon. His soft brown hair and whiskey colored eyes made him look innocent even in the midst of telling a dirty joke. Right now, he looked a little pink, a tiny grin pulling up one corner of his mouth. Ha, he’s on the verge of giving in, Damon thought. Maybe I’m getting to him. Damon bit his lip, doing his best to look even more pitiful.

“Hey man, I’m not getting in the middle of this.” Justin’s smirk grew into a full-fledged smile. “You’re the one who said “let her try a little vodka, what can it hurt?”” Linda giggled as he spoke, then hiccuped.

Damon rolled his eyes. “Well, I didn’t expect her to get tipsy after two sips!” He slouched down further into the sofa, eyeing the leftover vodka in Linda’s first glass. What the hell, he thought. He plucked it off the coffee table and tossed it back. Justin laughed outright as he sipped at his drink. Damon eyed him balefully.

Linda made a sad face. “Damon! You drank the rest of my vodka! How could you? I was going to finish that!” She made an unsuccessful lunge for the glass. Damon had no idea what she thought she’d do with it now that it was empty. Maybe suck the ice? He peered in the glass. There was still some vodka in there, mixed in with the melting cubes. She’d probably lick it and pass out, given her ridiculously low tolerance.

“Oh hell no, Linda, you are not getting this glass.” Damon held the glass up away from her as she fell over into his lap, barely missing his junk. He flinched, trying to protect his crotch while juggling the glass and a squirming teenage girl. He glared at Justin who laughed harder, looking supremely unruffled as he fended away Linda’s feet. Good thing she’d taken off the spike heels she’d worn earlier. The three of them were in Damon’s living room. It was the first time they’d seen her since last year. Linda, Justin, and Damon’s mom’s had gone to the same college, become close friends, then moved to San Francisco together. The three kids had grown up in each other’s houses. Though Damon was several years older than Justin, they’d become best friends. When Linda was born seven years after Justin, they’d taken her under their wing like a little sister.

It had been a while since they’d hung out now that Damon had moved to LA. Justin lived in New York until his divorce last year, only moving back to California a few months ago. Linda still lived with her mom in San Diego. They’d gotten together for the wedding of yet another of their moms’ friends and Damon suggested they stay over his place after the reception, hang out “just like old times.” Oh sure, they saw each other here and there, and Damon and Justin had seen more of each other since Justin’ divorce, but having Linda able to come over for a little while tonight was a stroke of luck. Damon really missed her, even if she was still trying to kick him in the groin. He sighed and grabbed her calves with his free arm, holding her down. He knew Justin was laughing at him, damn him.

“But I want the ice! Can I please just suck on the ice?” Linda said, laughing as she struggled to reach the glass Damon held over his head. Damon narrowed his eyes at her. She grinned and lunged again. He lost his hold on her feet but to his surprise, she didn’t go after the drink. Instead her fingers dug into his waist.

“Linda! Stop it you evil—” Damon yelped as she tickled him. He almost dropped the glass on her head, glaring at Justin. Why didn’t the man help him? He was under attack here! Damon tried unsuccessfully to keep Linda’s fingers from jabbing him in the stomach. “Ooof! Justin, save me, she’s going to knee me in the balls!” Linda giggled and tried to bring her legs further up. “Linda! Stop it!” Damon said, able to fend off her arms but not her legs at the same time.

Justin rolled his eyes. “Okay, okay.” He grabbed Linda’s feet and pulled them down. Damon sighed in relief the further they got from his groin. “Come here, Linda, I’ll kiss you.”

Linda froze while Damon looked at the smaller man in disbelief. What?

“You will?” Linda looked at Justin, incredulous. Justin nodded mischievously, grinning at Damon over Linda’s head. Linda whooped and immediately climbed off the larger man, missing the way he winced as she jabbed her elbow into his ribs. Damon rubbed the sore spot, still looking at Justin in shock. He was going to kiss Linda? He looked at the younger man’s lips, wet from his drink. They were plump and red. Totally kissable. Damon swallowed and looked away before he embarrassed himself. Just his luck. He bit the inside of his cheek, wishing he could take Linda’s place. Stupid, stupid! The crush he’d had on Justin since before the younger man was married, the crush that would not end, was going to kill him. Why couldn’t he just get over it?

“Okay, how do I do this?” she said, kneeling on the sofa and leaning into Justin, nearly falling over. Clearly she was still tipsy.

Justin laughed, reaching out to hold her steady. “Here, just, be still,” he said then cupped her face between his hands and pecked her sweetly on the lips. It lasted all of a second. Damon watched jealously as Justin smiled and pulled back.

“Wha—?” she said, opening her eyes. “That’s it?”

“You’re complaining about your first kiss?” Justin asked, grinning at her. His eyes slid over to Damon who did his best to look unruffled. He forced a grin. Truthfully, his pants were a bit tight. Just the thought of Justin kissing anyone at all was enough to get him revved up.

“Well, yes!” Linda pouted at Justin, then turned her disgruntlement onto Damon. “That wasn’t a real kiss. Damon, tell him.”

Damon laughed out loud and put the glass of ice he was holding down on the coffee table. “She’s right, you know.”

Justin frowned at him.

“Yeah, I want a better kiss, with like, tongue and stuff.” Linda crossed her arms.

“Linda, you’re like my little sister, and seriously underage, there’s no way I’m—” Justin broke off, rubbing his hand over his neck. Damon was amused to see his friend blushing. It made him look even hotter than usual. He watched as Justin shifted uncomfortably on the sofa, his brown hair mussed attractively as he ran his hand up over his hair and scrubbed at his scalp. Damon looked at Justin’s raised arm, enjoying the way his muscles moved beneath smooth skin, then flicked his eyes back to his face. Justin blushed some more and Damon’s cock throbbed appreciatively. Down boy.

“I bet you’re out of practice,” Linda said belligerently, breaking into Damon’s lust-fueled reverie. “And it’s been a year since your divorce Justin, so that is really tragic. You need to get out more.” She unfolded her legs and sat back into the sofa. Damon had the feeling she knew that she wasn’t going to get a better kiss out of Justin. She’d have to settle for taunting. Well, who was he to spoil her fun? Might as well help her out. Damon pick up the glass of ice again and grinned.

“Yeah, are you out of practice Justin?” He tipped the glass up and slowly sucked one of the smaller ice cubes into his mouth. Maybe the cold would put a damper on his dick which still pressed insistently at the zipper of his jeans.

“What? No, I am not ‘out-of-practice’. You don’t forget how to kiss!” Justin mock-glared at both of them. “It’s like riding a bicycle.”

“Oh sure, like I believe you,” Linda said, then hiccuped. Justin grinned, looking more relaxed. Linda frowned at him. “If that’s the case, prove it.”

“Linda, I’m not going to—” Justin began to protest again.

Damon sucked on his ice with glee, waiting to see how Justin was going to get out of this. He knew Linda wouldn’t give up.

“Okay, okay, I know, I’m your ‘sister’,” Linda said, gesturing the air-quotes so he would understand just how lame she thought that excuse was. Her slightly drunken gaze zoomed over to Damon. “Kiss Damon then. He’s definitely not your sister and he’s older than you!” She settled back triumphantly.

Damon coughed on the ice he was sucking, then swallowed it accidentally. Ow. He looked at her. “Uh, what?” he said, intelligently. “Justin is straight, remember? He was married to a woman. Straight as a ruler.”

“I don’t care,” Linda said petulantly.

Damon opened his mouth, about to protest some more. The last thing he wanted to do was make Justin uncomfortable. If he kissed him, there was no way Damon would be able to stop with a little peck and then everyone would know about his ridiculous little crush, especially Justin. That would be even more tragic than Justin’s disinterest in dating.

“Um, actually I’m not—” Justin began, then stopped.

Damon and Linda turned to look at him. Damon’s heart gave out for a split second, then banged on his ribs so hard he thought he heard a crack. No way did Justin mean what Damon think he meant. “Oh, don’t even—” Damon tried to say when Linda cut him off.

“Actually not what?” Linda asked, her voice rising.

“I kept meaning to tell you, but it never seemed like a good time. Um—” Justin was definitely blushing now, his whole face was pink. How interesting, Damon thought faintly.

“Oh my God, don’t keep stopping, Justin. What? What?” Linda said, poking him in the arm. Damon just sat there, trying not to think at all. Not enough vodka, he thought to himself. He looked around, trying to remember where he’d put the bottle after making Linda’s drink. The cranberry juice was on the coffee table—

“Well, first I was married and it was moot, then I got divorced, but it seemed stupid to mention it, because it’s mostly theoretical and I had no intention of dating anyway, and then it was a year later and I felt even dumber about not mentioning it after so long,” Justin stammered. Damon was very carefully not looking at him. He’d given up trying to locate the vodka and sucked another piece of ice into his mouth instead. It would have to do.


“Justin!” Linda yelled. The small man jerked away from her sharp and evil finger. He was not staring at Damon’s mouth sucking on ice, no he wasn’t, he told himself.

“Um, well, I’m actually bi,” he said, very quickly. He almost flinched when Damon’s eyes shot up and locked on him as Linda let out another shriek. Damon’s eyes are really freaking blue, Justin thought absently, feeling hot. He rubbed the back of his neck again, trying to lift the collar of his shirt away from his skin. Damon’s eyes slid to his neck then back to his face.

“Holy shit! You’re bi?” Linda was saying. Both men ignored her. The staring was much more important. “Have you ever kissed a dude?”

Justin flinched when he felt her poke him in the side. “What?” he asked, turning to her. Damon’s eyes dropped.

“I said, have you ever kissed a guy, Justin?” she asked, her voice thankfully no longer in the shrieking range.

Justin shook his head. “Theoretical, remember?” He glanced at Damon who was busy sucking on another piece of ice. He watched as it disappeared into his friend’s mouth, the freckle on his lower lip wet and shiny. Justin wanted to suck the water from that lip. Then he wanted to bite it.

“I think you should kiss Justin, Damon,” Linda said very clearly, her voice sharp as glass.

Damon stopped sucking on the ice and stared at her. “Uh,” he said. Justin flushed even more, trying not to think about how it would feel to kiss Damon. Lick him. All the years they’d known each other, they never went over that line. What would it feel like to finally touch him like that? His jeans grew uncomfortably tight. He sneaked a glance at his friend, taking in the way the muscles in his forearms flexed as Damon held the glass of ice. He’s so fucking hot and he doesn’t even know it, Justin thought.

“Justin. Justin hello?” Linda snapped her fingers in front of his face. She turned to Damon. “I think you should kiss him, Damon. He needs a first kiss too, right? And since he’s clearly incapable of hooking up on his own, I need to help.” Linda grinned and stood up. “Here, move over Justin, I’m going to sit there.” She shoved at Justin until he shifted to the center of the couch. Justin felt Damon’s leg, hot and strong all down the left side of his thigh. He tried to hold back his shiver but failed.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea Linda.” Damon spit the ice back into the glass as Justin’s heart sank. He could feel how still Damon held himself. He doesn’t want to kiss me, Justin thought, trying to inch away from Damon’s leg. Damon leaned over and set his glass on the coffee table, his body brushing all along Justin’s on the way down and back. Justin grimaced as his erection grew. It actually kind of hurt now.

“Why not? You don’t look at Justin like a brother, do you?” Linda asked shrewdly. She eyed them both. Justin felt naked under her inspection. Her glare sharpened on him and he fought to keep still, Damon’s leg still burning all along his own. “Do you look at Damon that way Justin?”

Justin tried to speak, then cleared his throat. “No, no, I don’t.” He hoped she couldn’t see how aroused he was. He plucked at his t-shirt, hoping it covered most of his groin. Where were a few pillows when you needed one?


“No. I don’t look at Justin like a brother,” Damon said, his voice lower and raspier than Justin had ever heard it. Justin stared at his friend, hoping his desperation to just grab him and kiss him, consequences be damned, wasn’t visible, then the doorbell rang, startling him. Linda groaned. Damon jumped up as though he’d been poked. Justin blinked as a wave of relief mixed with disappointment washed over him.

“Oh no! It’s probably my mom.” Linda looked pissed.

“Shit! The vodka! Quick, drink some of my root beer,” Justin said, standing and grabbing the half-empty bottle as Damon went to open the door. Linda took a mouthful and swished it around.

“You know, I’ve had alcohol before, Justin,” she said. Justin glared at her. “Oh all right.” Linda swallowed some more root beer just as Damon and her mom walked into the living room. Justin watched as Damon tugged at the bottom of his t-shirt. Hmm.

“Time to go, we’ve got an early flight tomorrow,” Linda’s mom said, smiling hello to Justin.

Linda sighed. “I know, lemme say goodbye and we’ll get going.” She exchanged hugs with Damon and Justin, then gathered her bag and shoes. Justin watched her leave, his emotions in turmoil. After the door shut behind her, the silence in the living room pressed in on him. He didn’t know what to do with himself. Damon sat back down on the sofa and looked at him standing awkwardly by the door.

“So,” Damon said, patting the couch.

Justin sighed and joined the other man. “I’m not going to be able to pass this off as a drunken mistake, am I?”

“Hell no, you were drinking root beer.” Damon grinned. Then his face sobered. “You know you don’t have to worry about what I’d say, right? I mean, I’m the last person who’d be judgmental about sexuality.”

“Yeah, no,” Justin cut him off. “I know you wouldn’t, but like I said, it’s mostly theoretical. And I felt stupid for not mentioning it before—” he broke off.

“Because you were married and saw no reason to, right?” Damon smiled.

Justin exhaled in relief. “Yeah, exactly,” Damon looked at him and Justin suddenly realized all over again that they were sitting right next to each other, Justin’s leg shoved right next to Damon’s, hot and strong. He stared at his friend then caught his breath when Damon’s eyes dropped to his mouth. Justin bit his lip. Damon rolled his tongue into his cheek and Justin tried not to think about the other things Damon’s tongue could do.

“I can help you out with the “theoretical” problem, you know.” Damon leaned infinitesimally closer.

Justin dragged his gaze from Damon’s lips to his eyes. They were ridiculously blue. “Um,” he tried to say, then Damon reached out and hooked his hand behind Justin’ neck, pulling him in, so slowly Justin felt his heart skip into triple-time. He licked his lips as he felt the warmth of Damon’s hand against his skin.

“Say yes, Justin,” Damon whispered, right up against Justin’s mouth.

Justin felt Damon’s warm breath, vodka-scented, puff against his lips. “Hell, yes,” he replied, enjoying the flash of laughter in Damon’s eyes just as the other man’s lips touched his. Justin gasped and then Damon groaned and opened his mouth, licking into Justin like a man dying. Justin opened for him, enjoying the way Damon twisted his tongue around his before pulling back to suck at his bottom lip. He slid a hand into Damon’s hair, holding on. When Damon pulled back, Justin dragged him back, balling another fist in Damon’s shirt. Damon moaned and Justin licked at the freckle he’d always wanted to taste before biting at Damon’s lip.

“Justin, oh my god,” Damon said, then took control once more, sucking and nipping until Justin had to break away. His erection throbbed and he knew he was one second away from coming in his pants like a teenager. Damon growled at him in protest then pressed his free hand against his own dick, as if to corral it. Justin gasped, his mouth watering. That’s Damon’s cock, right there, Justin thought. He wanted to touch it. He wanted Damon. He looked up.

Damon chuckled when their eyes met. “Well, not so theoretical any more, huh?”

Justin smiled, sliding his own hand down to his aching groin. “No,” he said, watching Damon’s eyes grow even darker as he ran his thumb along the bulge straining his jeans. “Want to blow some other theories to bits?” Justin asked, knowing the answer.

“Hell, yes,” Damon replied, tugging Justin back in. Just as Damon’s warm lips closed over his Justin remembered the strangely knowing look Linda shot him right before she left. Odd. He pulled away.

“I think Linda knew.”

“Knew what?” Damon murmured. He slid a hand down to Justin’s zipper and undid the button.

Justin gasped, trying to gather his scattered thoughts. “Um, she knew how I felt about you.”

Damon pulled back. “If she knew that, then she probably knew how I felt too.”

Justin looked at Damon’s face. His friend’s eyes were still dark with his arousal, but the tenderness in his expression couldn’t be ignored. “I’m an idiot.”

Damon laughed. “We’re both idiots. I should’ve known.”

“What, like gaydar or something?” Justin shook his head. “I tried really hard to keep it to myself.”

Damon frowned. “Are you ashamed?” He pulled away and Justin felt a sudden stab of worry. “I’m sorry. It never occurred to me you’d want to stay in the closet.” He made to stand up but Justin’s hand shot out before he could get anywhere.

“No! No, I don’t want that. I’m not trying to stay in any closet. I’m not ashamed. I meant that I tried to keep the way I felt about you under control.” Justin clenched his fist in Damon’s shirt. “I was afraid. Afraid that you wouldn’t want me. You’re this amazing person. You’ve been out and proud for years. I’m just a theoretically bisexual loser who couldn’t own up to how he felt years ago.” With those words Justin knew he’d put all his insecurities on display. He hoped Damon didn’t hate him.


Damon stared at Justin, trying to wrap his brain around the idea of Justin being afraid to let him know how he felt. Him. Justin’s best friend. Justin’s gay best friend, of all people.

“You are an idiot,” Damon finally said. Justin flushed and looked away, his hand loosening. Damon shifted closer and put an arm around Justin’s shoulders while his free hand cupped the younger man’s cheek. “Don’t you know that I love you?” Damon’s heart pounded. This was it. He’d just laid himself bare.

Justin’s mouth parted. “Are you serious?”

Damon snorted. “I’ve had a fucking crush on you since my junior year of high school. On your wedding day I got so drunk I spent the next twenty-four hours throwing up. I was so depressed.” He felt himself flush. “When you got your divorce, I almost got crazy drunk again because I was so happy, not just for you because you were finally free of that manipulative bitch, but because I could have my crush again without feeling like a stalker.”

“Jesus, Damon. I had no idea.” Justin smiled at him, his face suddenly so open and gorgeous Damon thought for a moment that he was going to start bawling.

“Yeah, well, like I said, we were both idiots.”

“I love you too, you know,” Justin said, his voice soft. Breathy. He licked his lips and leaned in.

Damon’s cock leaped. “Fuck, Justin. You’re killing me.”

“What the hell are we waiting for?” Justin asked, his lips close enough to brush against Damon’s as he spoke.

“Nothing. Not a fucking thing.” Damon dove in, kissing Justin as if his life depended on it. Maybe it does, he thought to himself as he licked and sucked and wrestled with Justin’s stupidly tight jeans. When his hands finally managed to unzip them, he pulled out of the kiss and slithered to the floor. Spread out in front of him was Justin’s gorgeous cock, pressing against the thin fabric of his boxers. He slid a finger up the length, then back down, pulling the material taut over Justin’s erection.

“Damon, oh my God, what are you doing?” Justin panted down at him.

Damon smirked and leaned in, enjoying the warm scent of aroused Justin. He rubbed his cheek against his friend’s cock, then mouthed at the fabric, wetting it with his saliva. Justin gasped and bucked. Damon pressed his arm over Justin’s hipbones and sucked briefly before leaning back. “I’m going to blow you. You don’t mind, do you?”

Justin moaned, his hips jerking against Damon’s arm. Damon slipped his boxers down, exposing Justin’s leaking cock. “Uh, no. No I don’t mind, are you fucking kidding me? Oh my God—”

“I’m totally not kidding.” Damon leaned in and sucked Justin’s cock into his mouth. As soon as the hot weight hit his tongue he closed his lips and slid down, taking almost all of Justin inside. He scrubbed his tongue along the thick length, then moved back up, letting Justin slip out of his mouth with an obscene pop. “Delicious.”

Justin grunted, his hand sneaking down to grab himself. Damon intercepted it and placed it in his hair. “Oh no. No cheating.” He smiled and licked up and down again, savoring the way Justin’s dick throbbed against his mouth.

“Damon, God, I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Justin thrashed his head and closed his fingers in Damon’s hair.

Damon sucked him back in and bobbed his head, loving the way Justin tasted. He could hardly believe he was getting to do this, after all these years. He licked and sucked and hummed his appreciation. Justin leaked ever more copious amounts of pre-come. Damon savored the taste and kept at it, wanting to blow Justin’s mind, but soon he felt his friend tugging, trying to pull him away. He slid off, pouting up at Justin. “Why’d you stop me?”

Justin tugged some more and Damon shifted back up to the couch. “I’m going to come if you keep that up.”

Damon licked his lips. “Yeah baby. That’s the point.”

Justin blushed, then smiled. “I want us to come together.”

Damon’s mouth went dry. “I can do that. I can totally do that.” He reached down and undid his jeans, sighing as his aching cock was finally released. Justin looked down.

“Jesus, Damon. You’re freaking huge. And what the hell, don’t you wear underwear?” Justin’s eyes were wide.

“You have me so hot it’s not going to take much to set me off, so yeah, I’m kind of big right now. And these jeans look stupid with underwear,” Damon said, reaching down and adjusting himself. When Justin’s hand tangled with his, he eased away, surprised, then delighted. Justin rubbed at the flare under his cock-head, then he licked his thumb and smoothed the wetness all over the crown. Damon sucked in his breath, shocked at how good it felt.

“Yeah, whatever. I have a feeling you’re huge even when you’re not hard, Damon. You can’t fool me.” Justin circled his hand around Damon’s erection, thoughtfully teasing at the slit. Damon shook as he tried to hold still, knowing that this was the first time Justin had ever touched another man. He watched his friend, trying to ignore the exquisite sensations his touch evoked. He gritted his teeth as Justin rubbed the flare under his crown again, then his control snapped. He shoved at Justin until the smaller man was lying down on the couch. Damon licked his hand and stretched out on top, lining up their cocks. Justin moaned and bucked, but Damon just grabbed them both in his hand and began to thrust. No finesse, no style. If he wasn’t so freaking desperate he might be embarrassed at his total inability to control himself, but at the moment he couldn’t bring himself to care. Next time, he thought faintly. When I have more brain cells to rub together.

“Damon, fuck—” Justin ground his hips up, the tip of his cock brushing against Damon’s.

“Sorry, sorry, I can’t help it. You’re so damn sexy Justin,” Damon panted, twisting his hand viciously. Justin’s dick slipped against his, the skin hot as fuck. Damon couldn’t believe how close he was, how quickly. He couldn’t believe he was doing this with Justin. His scalp prickled and his toes curled as he shoved even more frantically. “Fuck! Hang on. Justin, you’re so fucking gorgeous.”

With those words Justin moaned and suddenly his cock pulsed in Damon’s grip, shockingly hot. Damon froze, then thrust one more time, his cock throbbing so hard for a second he thought something inside had broken, then his climax hit and he gasped as he came all over Justin, buckets of come drenching them both. Justin laughed weakly, his cock pulsing one more time. Damon felt him soften under his hand but he couldn’t bring himself to unclench his grip. He panted into Justin’s neck, completely stunned. What the hell was that? He hadn’t come that fast in years, not since he first discovered the fun he could have with his right hand. When he was eleven. Fuck.

After what felt like a century, Damon finally got his shit together and managed to drag himself a little to the side where he wouldn’t crush his friend. Damn, that was embarrassing. He cleared his throat and tried to man up. “I totally suck. I wanted to make your first time a little more memorable.”

Justin laughed, not sounding put off at all. “You do indeed suck. And you do it really well.”

Damon snorted even as he hid his face in Justin’s shoulder. “Yeah, well, I wanted to do a bit more than suck. Or not just suck. I was hoping for some awe.”

“Believe me, I’m awestruck.”

Damon grimaced to himself. Awestruck. Yeah, not.

“And it’s not like we don’t have the rest of our lives to practice.” Justin coughed. It sounded suspiciously like a laugh. “Sucking, that is. In fact, I’m looking forward to sucking too.”

Damon lifted his head, eyeing Justin suspiciously. Justin’s face was pink. And smiling. “Hmpf.” He buried his nose back in his friend’s neck. Justin stroked his hand down his head. It felt good. Soothing. Then Justin pinched his shoulder. Damon lifted his head again and glared.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell Linda how much you suck,” Justin said. The innocent expression on his face wouldn’t fool anyone.

“You’d better not.” Damon decided to ignore the pinch in favor of kissing Justin again. His lips were right there, after all. And Justin deserved a bit of punishment after letting Damon think he was straight all those years. Mostly theoretical, my ass, Damon thought as his friend moaned underneath him, the heat welling up again. Yeah, right. He moved his lips down to Justin’s neck, loving the way the younger man undulated beneath him, aroused and panting. When he found the perfect spot, Damon licked the skin, then sealed his lips and teased until a nicely formed hickey appeared, ignoring Justin’s squirming protests. I really do suck awfully well.

© 2011 Erin M. Leaf