Stronghold Series (sci-fi)

Stronghold is the last defense against humanity’s ancient enemy…

The Sentries are territorial, guarded, and relentless in their duty to defend humanity from a secret, deadly menace. In order to remain vigilant, these semi-immortal men must remain aloof and solitary. No one, not even their true mate, will distract them from their mission to protect Earth from annihilation…

Greyson Dark, Sentry, specialization: fabrication and engineering. Brown hair, brown eyes, grouchy and gruff. Territory: Ohio and westward.

Solomon Dusk, Sentry, specialization: scientist/computer science. Brown hair, light brown eyes, secretive. Territory: Mt. Washington, New Hampshire and points north.

Isaac Dawn, Sentry, specialization: pilot/power focus. Dark brown hair, green eyes, seemingly careless exterior hiding a focused intensity. Territory: San Francisco Peaks.

Bruno Day, Sentry, specialization: politician/leader. Very suave and polished in public, temperamental and often angry in private. Territory: Manhattan, New York and south.

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