The Billionaire’s Bodyguard Series (MM suspense)

Billionaire Alex Roman needs a bodyguard. His best friend, Jesse Emerson, an ex-Security Forces Specialist, needs a job. What could possibly go wrong?

The Billionaire’s Bodyguard series (MM suspense):

  • The Billionaire’s Bodyguard – September 19, 2014
  • The Blizzard – December 10, 2014
  • Better Together – April 3, 2015


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Gay (MM), Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Word Count: 35,130
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Billionaire Alex Roman needs a bodyguard. His best friend, Jesse Emerson, an ex-Security Forces Specialist, needs a job. What could possibly go wrong?

Jesse thinks protecting Alex will be a piece of cake. He’ll get to spend quality time with his oldest friend while avoiding his ex-girlfriend. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned. Why would Alex introduce him to everyone as his lover? And why didn’t Alex tell him about the threatening notes he’s been receiving for months?

Alex has been in love with Jesse for years, not that he’d ever admit it to his best friend, but he’s not above making a practical joke out of it. Telling everyone that Jesse is his boyfriend will go a long way toward relieving the stress of the threats he’s been plagued with recently. Unfortunately, when someone tries to shoot him at a charity gala, he discovers that maybe he needs Jesse’s skills more than he realized…

…because sometimes a billionaire’s best friend is the fake boyfriend who’s really his bodyguard.

What are people saying about The Billionaire’s Bodyguard?

Night Owl Reviews – 5 stars – Top Pick! – “The connection between Jesse and Alex is intense. I loved that Jesse and Alex have a great friendship that goes beyond what most people have. . . . The sex scenes were blistering.”

Redz World Reviews – 5 shooting stars! – “When you want a beautiful love story between two unforgettable friends this is the book to pick up.”

Manic Readers – 5 stars! – “Ms. Leaf wove Jesse’s conflicting feelings and growing desire for Alex with a suspenseful plot. I loved that she kept you guessing at not only would they or wouldn’t they with a story line that kept you wondering who done it.”

Love Bytes Reviews – 4 stars! – “This was a fast paced friends to lover’s story. Erin M Leaf is new to me and I have to say I would read another story from her in the future. This story was really good. It was engaging, I truly cared about the characters, and the writing flowed effortlessly.”

Multi Tasking Mommas Book Reviews – 4 stars! – “This was  a really fast, light and heated read and I cannot help but grin stupid over this.”

Hearts on Fire Reviews – 4 stars! – “I appreciated that even though these guys have been partners in every way but sex, it took a bit for Jesse to realize it. Not so much a bi for you as much as an “I want Alex”. Bonus points for the fact that first time sex hurt! Real world, even for billionaires and bodyguards!”

Cocktails and Books – 4 stars! – “Erin M Leaf put together the perfect book with just enough romance, intrigue, and mystery.  Oh, and then there’s the sex…lots and lots of really hot sex.”

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Gay (MM), Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Word Count: 6,000
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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It’s Christmas Eve and billionaire Alex Roman screwed up. He promised his boyfriend, Jesse, that he’d be home for the holidays, but he went to a last minute meeting in the city and got trapped in a snowstorm. Now he must face a fate worse than death: spending the night in a strange motel. Alone.

Jesse Emerson thought he could trust his boyfriend to stay home when it’s snowing outside. After all, his father and Alex’s grandfather died in a blizzard, and since that fateful day, neither of them enjoys winter weather. Instead, Alex is nowhere to be found. Jesse has no choice but to head out into the storm to find his wayward lover.

When darkness falls and ice blankets the roads, will the magic of Christmas Eve somehow bring Jesse and Alex back together, or will both men perish in the cold, lost and alone?


Redz World Reviews – 5 stars! – “Ms. Leaf has two wonderful men in love and having some really hot sex too. I just like revisiting old friends. If you loved Alex and Jess’s story this one is a must read to find out where they are and how they spent the holidays.”

Cocktails and Books – 4 stars! – “This is such a little gem about two men who are very much in love and how that conquers everything…even the weather. It’s very sweet and incredibly hot. Those boys are amazing, and when they’re together, there is magic in the air.”

Open Skye Book Reviews — “If you’re in the mood for something light, a little funny and a lot sexy – give this a try!”


Gay (MM), Erotic Romance, Humor, Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Word Count: 20,930
Heat Level: 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Alex Roman controls a business empire, but he can’t control his personal life. Just when he thought he and his boyfriend, Jesse, could settle down and enjoy their life together, their past comes back to haunt them once again. They never discovered who killed Alex’s grandfather and Jesse’s father, and neither man would’ve wanted to know the truth if it meant tearing them apart, but that’s what happens.

When a crazy gunman targets Jesse for the sins of his father, he reluctantly decides he must leave the love of his life in order to keep him safe. Little does he know that his decision to protect Alex may ultimately be his undoing. Alex tracks him down and the gunman follows. A deadly confrontation leaves one man down, and their relationship fractured.

Will their love survive the ultimate test?


MM Good Book Reviews – 4.5 stars! – “I always have a blast reading stories by Erin. She gives you an entertaining story that has great sex and a bit of danger added in. I would definitely recommend reading this, trust me you won’t be let down.”

Cocktails and Books – 4 stars! – “Ms. Leaf always writes amazing sex scenes, and the ones here in “Better Together” are no exception.  Expect to have to fan yourself quite a bit while you’re reading.”

Manic Readers – 4.5 stars! – “Ms. Leaf continued their journey as a couple and did so in such a way that it felt real and believable. I loved that she showed reaching the happily ever after is only a small part of the battle. You must grow together and communicate to maintain happiness, and she did it while giving us a face paced ride full of twists and turns.”

Night Owl Reviews – 4 stars! – “The main characters and the secondary characters were fascinating and believable. Both Alex and Jesse had faults that they deal with as the handle each problem that comes up.”