The Soulmates Series (MM paranormal)

When you find your soulmate, hold on tight and don’t let go…

Theo Fraser: 30 years old, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. Empath. Council Delegate. Parents disowned him after discovering he was gay.

Guy Keaton: 45 years old, brown hair silvering at the temples, short beard, light brown eyes. Wife died from cancer. WoodCrafter. Thinks he’s straight.


Seer – releasing this fall!

Nick Auspex: Theo’s former bodyguard, former FBI agent. He is a Seer, with mythological powers: can see connections, sometimes visions of the future.

Jeff Wright: Human, though born of parents with Craft power. Parents murdered by rebel faction working against the Craft Council.


Shifter – WIP

Jamie Fraser: Theo’s youngest brother. Telepath. Intelligent and loyal to his brother, Theo.

Nolan Pumatalo: born with rare Craft power, very secretive.