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In case anyone was wondering how many books I’ve published, when, and what kind——>here is your answer! I’ve listed them by type, series, genre, relationship type, date, etc. As Erin M. Leaf, I write edgy erotic romance: mf, mm, mmf menage, bdsm. I write sci-fi, new adult, May/Dec, suspense, humor, contemporary, futuristic, interracial, paranormal, fantasy….

Yes. I like stories. A lot of stories. 🙂

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Planet Alpha (sci-fi)

The year is 2050. Earth is quickly becoming uninhabitable. The seven continents are shrinking as flooding devastates the land masses. Crime and disorder are rampant among the dwindling human population.

There are only two safe havens in the galaxy capable of supporting humanoid life. Xyran is a world of power-hungry demons and Planet Alpha is home to a fearless warrior race.

The males on Planet Alpha need mates. Infertility has plagued their race for decades. The answer lies on Earth where tempting females are waiting to be saved. When their enemies attempt to claim the spoils of a dying world, only the strongest will get their prize.

broken    damaged

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Romance on the Go (short stories)

Not enough hours in the day? Need your romance fix?

Evernight’s Romance on the Go stories are the perfect length to enjoy in the waiting room, on the bus, during breaks, or in bed at night.

karma-bites    shanes-submission    little-dove    

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Bad Oak Boys Series (MM shifter)

Bad Oak isn’t just a rock band, it’s a family. And when the boys meet Forst Pack, instinct rules…


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Blue’s Boys Series (menage short stories)

Blue is a thief. Matt and Liam are cops. When they meet, all hell breaks loose!

thief1l    cops1l    beloved1l

. . . . . . . .

The Billionaire’s Bodyguard Series (MM suspense)

Billionaire Alex Roman needs a bodyguard. His best friend, Jesse Emerson, an ex-Security Forces Specialist, needs a job. What could possibly go wrong?

billionaires-bodyguard    theblizzard    bettertogether

. . . . . . . .

Stronghold Series (sci-fi)

The Sentries are territorial, guarded, and relentless in their duty to defend humanity from a secret, deadly menace. In order to remain vigilant, these semi-immortal men must remain aloof and solitary. No one, not even their true mate, will distract them from their mission to protect Earth from annihilation…

dark    dusk

Day – forthcoming

Dawn – forthcoming

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Angel Shifters Series (paranormal)

Have you ever wondered where angels come from? Would you believe that they’ve always been among us, a separate species with different gifts and different goals, but the same dedication to doing good in the world? And what happens when demons can insinuate themselves even into the strong of heart? Enter into the world of my Angel Shifters and find out more…

angels-honor     angels-power     angels-blade     angels-shield

. . . . . . . .

Four-Letter Word Series (contemporary)

Chance encounters never really go anywhere, do they? But what if you kept running into the same two people again and again? What if those encounters made you realize just how much you yearned for the kind of love you never thought you would ever experience? Would you take a chance and let it happen?


. . . . . . . .

Dream Marked Series (paranormal)

What would you do if you started dreaming about the same two people every night—dreams that felt so real the emotions persisted even after you woke up? What if those dreams convinced you that those two people were real? What would you do if you discovered you weren’t going crazy? That you were truly bonding to your soul-mates? Would you give in and let it happen? Read the Dream-Marked series and find out. . .

            Marked Mates

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Anthologies (contemporary)


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Standalone Novels

BitterBiteevernightulishing-jayaheer2015-finalimage    captivefire1l    joyful-devastation    YTSS    mrrockstar    KFC    something-shifty    

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Booklist by publication date:

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Booklist by series:

Planet Alpha – an Evernight exclusive series:

  • Broken – Planet Alpha #2, May 16, 2014
  • Damaged – Planet Alpha, July 11, 2014

Romance on the Go short stories:

Bad Oak Boys series:

Blue’s Boys series – short stories:

  • Thief – Blue’s Boys #1, October 29, 2014
  • Cops – Blue’s Boys #2, , December 2, 2014
  • Beloved – Blue’s Boys #3, December 18, 2014

The Billionaire’s Bodyguard series:

Stronghold series:

  • Dark – Stronghold #1, July 30, 2014
  • Dusk, forthcoming
  • Day, forthcoming
  • Dawn, forthcoming

Angel Shifters series:

Four-Letter Word series:

Dream Marked series:


Standalone novels:

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Booklist by type:

Menage – MMF:

  • Thief – Blue’s Boys #1, October 29, 2014
  • Cops – Blue’s Boys #2, , December 2, 2014
  • Beloved – Blue’s Boys #3, December 18, 2014
  • Broken – Planet Alpha #2, May 16, 2014
  • Damaged – Planet Alpha, July 11, 2014


Gay Romance – MM:

Lesbian Romance – FF:

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I publish through Evernight Publishing and Siren-BookStrand. My books are usually released in e-book form at the publisher’s website in a variety of formats and can also be found at AmazonBarnes & NobleBookStrandAReSmashwordsiBookstoreKobo, etc.

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I also publish (mf) erotic romance under my pen name Marie E. Blossom:

DUSK (Stronghold #2) Cover Reveal!

DUSK, Stronghold #2, releasing soon!

Hmm. And I thought I liked the cover for DARK. However, this one just moved to the top of my list. *drool*


Erotic Romance (MF), May/Dec, New Adult, Rubenesque, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Suspense
Word Count: 38,326
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Excerpt coming soon.

Lucy Soren never expected to live through an alien attack. Months later, her nightmares won’t let her forget the pain she suffered, or her strange attraction to the man who saved her from certain death.

Sentry Solomon Dusk never wanted to heal a mortal woman, but he can’t forget Lucy’s bravery or beauty. Even though he vowed to never again fall in love, Lucy attracts him like no other woman ever has before.

When the alien Spiders again slip past the Sentries’ defenses, Solomon’s only thought is to protect the woman he refuses to love. Lucy’s only hope is to run from the danger to her heart. Unfortunately, the fate of the planet rests on their ability to work together. Will their fear of commitment keep them from saving the planet… and each other?



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