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Spring Fling Blog Hop — A Manlove Event!

Come one, come all… let’s celebrate spring! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dying for some warm weather and steamy sunlight. In celebration of the color that is finally popping up all over the place, I’m giving away one digital copy of ALL my manlove books to ONE LUCKY WINNER! That’s four books for free (and it’s open to international participants)! What do you have to do to win?

Read the blurbs below and match the covers with the blurbs. Post your guesses in the comments section, follow me on Twitter (@erinmleaf) and FaceBook. I’ll pick the winner out of my virtual hat!

In addition, the delightful Ms. Hennessee Andrews is giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card for the grand prize! The Rafflecopter link for that prize is below. So hop on over to the next blog for more chances to win big! It doesn’t get any better than that! I’ve posted the list of blogs below—-> scroll down to hop away!


Blurb #1: Professor Seth Dustin thinks he’s alone in the world, but when he meets another shifter, he’s forced to reevaluate his whole life. Dex Connor is gorgeous, talented, and male—everything Seth had no idea he wanted.

However, when Seth discovers Dex is keeping dangerous secrets from him, he must decide if he can forgive the man who has become his closest friend, the man who stole his heart. Seth never expected to find himself in the midst of a territorial fight with a rival clan. He doesn’t know how to deal with the jealous hostility of a woman who wants Dex for herself. Love is unexpectedly complicated, but is being alone better?

Rocker, shifter, mate: Dex is all of these, and more. Professor, shifter, loner: Seth wants more. When two shifters meet, instinct takes over.


Blurb #2: 

Nathaniel doesn’t want to go Castle Archangel: he’s half-human and can’t fly like the rest of his clan. Even worse, he likes guys and he’s not exactly white. That makes him an interspecies outcast, but he wants to please his dad. Once there, he meets Zeke, the angels’ sexy weapons master. Sadly, Zeke is straight and Nathaniel doesn’t hit on men he can’t have.

When Zeke meets Nathaniel, his gut tells him he’s met his mate, but he’s never been attracted to a guy before. Despite Nathaniel’s wariness and his own fear, Zeke can’t help claiming him when instinct takes over.

Unfortunately, Nathaniel isn’t ready to bond, not even when their connection sparks dormant angelic powers. However, when Zeke flies into danger, Nathaniel follows. Demons stalk their people and it will take every angel who can wield a blade to fight the evil that lurks in unexpected places.


Blurb #3: 

Shane and Leo have been best friends forever: through high school, dating disasters, and family losses. Lately though, Shane has been feeling more and more unsettled. His girlfriend dumped him because he wouldn’t spank her, and he can’t stop thinking about the kiss he and Leo shared in high school, long before life happened and they grew up.

When Leo confronts Shane about his depression, the whole, unpleasant story about the breakup comes spilling out. Leo offers to spank Shane so he can understand the appeal, and shockingly, Shane wants to agree, but both of them are straight and he’s not sure it’s a good idea. Besides, he’s not into pain and he feels weird asking his best friend for sexual advice—Leo is too important to him to risk their friendship over something like this. So what if he can’t figure out why the idea is so intriguing?


Blurb #4:

Raphael had no idea what he was getting into when he went to Castle Archangel to study the People’s oral history. He didn’t expect his wings to suddenly change from brown to the purest white—the mark of an Omega, the destined mate of the Alpha. There has never been a male Omega before, not in all the millennia angels have flown the skies of Earth. However, when Raphael meets ebony-winged Gabriel, the true leader of the People, he knows he wants this man more than anything. Change is not always bad.

When Gabriel’s wings suddenly turn to startling ebony, he must deal with the knowledge that he is an Alpha, a leader of the angels. When he discovers that his destined mate is a man, he must accept that being Alpha of the People means accepting more than he’d expected. When their current leader challenges him, accusing Gabriel of committing one of the People’s most dishonorable crimes, Gabriel must fight: for his honor, for his mate, and for the survival of the angels.


Book Covers for blurb matching:

A. shanes-submission     B. angels-blade     C. something-shifty     D. angels-honor

Henessee Andrews –> a Rafflecopter giveaway of a $50 Amazon Gift Card for the grand prize! Click on the link to enter


This is a Blog Hop! Click for more chances to win!


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Karma Bites Cover Reveal!

KARMA BITES releasing Tuesday, April 22!





Gay, BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Romance on the Go, Humor
Word Count: 11,500
Heat Level 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Click here to read an excerpt.

Boyd will do anything to avoid his cousin Coco—even pretend to be gay. He’s visiting his dad who’s got a broken arm, and all he wants is for her to leave him alone, so Boyd calls his best friend for help. His father swears that karma is going to bite him on his butt for lying, but Boyd can’t think of any other way to extricate himself from Coco’s clutches.

Harrison will do anything for his best friend—even pretend to be his boyfriend, because he’s awesome like that. Once he arrives, though, Boyd surprises him with a “practice” kiss, which is just totally uncalled for. Before Harrison can fend him off, they’re on the bed making out. How does he get into these crazy situations? Oh yeah, Boyd and his wacky ideas. Harrison’s going to make him pay for this (even if he kind of secretly enjoyed it), because that’s how karma works.

Be Warned: light BDSM, spanking, bondage, MM sex



KARMA BITES releasing April 22!

I just discovered that my new short story, KARMA BITES, is releasing next Tuesday! I’m so excited that I posted a teaser excerpt for your reading pleasure–>

Evernight Coming Soon



Gay, BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Romance on the Go, Humor
Word Count: 11,500
Heat Level 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Boyd will do anything to avoid his cousin Coco—even pretend to be gay. He’s visiting his dad who’s got a broken arm, and all he wants is for her to leave him alone, so Boyd calls his best friend for help. His father swears that karma is going to bite him on his butt for lying, but Boyd can’t think of any other way to extricate himself from Coco’s clutches.

Harrison will do anything for his best friend—even pretend to be his boyfriend, because he’s awesome like that. Once he arrives, though, Boyd surprises him with a “practice” kiss, which is just totally uncalled for. Before Harrison can fend him off, they’re on the bed making out. How does he get into these crazy situations? Oh yeah, Boyd and his wacky ideas. Harrison’s going to make him pay for this (even if he kind of secretly enjoyed it), because that’s how karma works.

Be Warned: light BDSM, spanking, bondage, MM sex


Story Excerpt:

Boyd moved in before he lost his nerve. Harrison’s eyes went wide, and then their lips collided. To his shock, it didn’t feel all that different from kissing a woman. Harrison’s mouth was soft and he smelled faintly of mint. Boyd cupped his cheek, momentarily surprised by the prickly stubble, but then Harrison inhaled and the kiss deepened. Boyd gasped as Harrison licked inside, grabbing his arms.

Oh my God, he thought, shocked as arousal shot through him. Harrison’s hands tightened, and Boyd slid his arm around his friend’s neck, kissing harder. Harrison growled as Boyd pressed their bodies together. His cock was rock hard and he had no idea when that had happened. He wasn’t sure he cared. He just knew he wanted more.

Unexpectedly, Harrison slotted his leg between Boyd’s, putting pressure in all the right places. The firm insistence of his best friend’s erection against his body had him gulping air. Harrison broke the kiss and backed up, eyes wild. Boyd stared at him, trying to deal with the insane hotness of what had just happened.

“What the fuck was that?” Harrison asked, voice cracking.

Boyd shook his head mutely. He really couldn’t talk right now. His cock was jammed into the crease of his jeans, pinching things that shouldn’t be smooshed. He reached down to adjust himself. When he looked back up, he realized Harrison was staring at his groin. He slowly slid his hand to his hip, watching Harrison watch him.

That’s so fucking hot, he thought, rattled. “I’m sorry,” he said aloud, stepping further back. His hip knocked against the dresser by the window and he grabbed on, needing the stability.

“Jesus, Boyd,” Harrison muttered, still staring. Abruptly, he strode forward and grabbed Boyd by the shirt.

Boyd braced himself for a punch, but instead, Harrison kissed him again. His mouth was hot and sweet and Boyd moaned even as he trembled.

“Shit,” Harrison said, biting Boyd’s lower lip. “Shit.”

Boyd agreed, but he didn’t move away. He wanted more. A lot more. When Harrison finally broke off, Boyd slumped against the dresser, hot and flushed and really fucking confused.

“Shit,” Harrison said again, green eyes burning with intensity. His sandy hair was tousled and Boyd stifled the urge to run his fingers through it.

“That didn’t quite go like I’d planned it,” Boyd said, clenching his fists.

Harrison laughed. “I’ll bet. What the hell were you trying to do, anyway?”

Boyd cleared his throat and looked away. “I figured we could kiss in front of Coco so she would get the hint.”

Harrison backed up and sat on the bed, shaking his head. “Dude.”

“I know. Major fail.”

Harrison looked at the ceiling. “So, have you ever kissed a guy before?”

Boyd snorted. “Uh, no.” When the hell would he have done that?

“Yeah, me neither.”

They were silent for a bit. Then Harrison asked another question. “Did you know?”

“Know what?” Boyd frowned.

“That you’d like it.”

He shoved off from the dresser, ignoring the squeak of the wood. “Shit.” He started pacing at the foot of the bed. “Maybe it’s you.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Harrison asked, a hint of irritation in his voice. He leaned back, looking like sex on a stick.

Boyd pinched the bridge of his nose. “Maybe it’s because you’re my best friend. And we’ve known each other forever. That could be why.”

Harrison grimaced. “Years of familiarity can not make up for my lack of boobs, trust me.” Ridiculously, he ran his hands down his chest.

Boyd choked. How did Harrison do that? Just when he began to panic, his best friend made him laugh. “I just mean that you know I care for you. Maybe that’s what made it so…” He flapped his hands suggestively.

Harrison raised his eyebrows. “So… what?”

Boyd steeled himself. He was not a coward. “Hot.”

LITTLE DOVE – long teaser excerpt

I wrote one of my favorite stories, LITTLE DOVE, a little over a year ago. A few days ago, I received a new review (5 hoots!) from Talk Books to Me:

As the two connect, literally physically connect, they bond emotionally. While this is a super short read and the premise of the story is all laid out in the summary, this novella is so worth the read. A perfect warm up with a glass of wine for a Saturday night! Enjoy!

This story has received FIVE 5 star reviews! BDSM Book Reviews gave it 5 out of 5 paddles! Nocturne Romance Reads gave it 5 hoots!

In celebration, I’m sharing a long excerpt from my favorite short story (with my favorite cover-isn’t it gorgeous?). I hope you like it!


buy links: Evernight - Amazon - ARe - BookStrand - Smashwords - Barnes & Noble


BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Rubenesque, Romance on the Go, MF
Word Count: 10,800
Heat Level 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Lila’s friend claims that submitting to a Dom in bed is a wonderful stress-reliever, but Lila is skeptical. So when she opens the door and finds her old crush Theo waiting on the other side, she doesn’t know what to do. Since he fails to recognize her, she lets him in, accepting his offer to help her relax.

After he explains that Abby sent him, Lila reconsiders her misgivings about dominant men. When Theo ties her up and woos her with origami doves, she reconsiders her fear of letting go. When he makes love to her, she learns to fly.


LITTLE DOVE teaser excerpt:

~Be Warned: light BDSM and adult content~

Theo kissed her hand, savoring the warmth and softness of her skin. She smelled faintly of peonies, a delicate and decadent scent in the dead of winter. She was flushed, her hair a riot of curls around her shoulders. He could see her nipples, erect against the soft fabric of her robe. She wanted this, wanted him. He’d just have to be patient and see if she chose to take what he offered or if she would let her fear send him away.

The silence stretched between them for one minute. Two. And then, quietly, she whispered yes, just when he thought she’d say no. He smiled into her palm and for a reward, kissed each finger until she trembled. His cock already ached, pressed as it was against the unforgiving placket of his jeans, but he ignored it.

“I am so happy you said that, Lila,” he murmured, inwardly delighted, outwardly calm. “Let us begin.”

Her eyes widened. “Right now?”

He nodded, smiling. “Yes, right now. What is your safe word?”

She bit her lip nervously, not realizing how erotic it looked, and replied, “Peony.”

“What do you say when you’re not sure about what we’re doing?” He stroked a finger up her arm, curious to see how she reacted. She relaxed into his touch. Good.

“Flower,” she whispered, staring at his hand.

He pinched the soft skin on the inside of her elbow, gently, not enough to hurt. “How do you feel about pain? Do you like it?”

She swallowed, pulling her arm away. “I … don’t know.” She brushed her hair out of her face. The curls sprang right back. “I mean, I’ve never really thought about it.”

He pursed his lips. “How many sexual partners have you had?”

She shoved away from the table. “Why do you need to know that?”

Hmm, touchy subject, he thought. Aloud he replied, “I don’t know you. If I’m going to take care of you, I need to know a little bit about who you are.”

“How many sexual partners have you had?” she asked, challengingly. Her defiance was ruined a bit when she stumbled over the word ‘sexual.’ It only made her more attractive to him.

“Seven,” he replied.

She stared. “That’s it?”

He shrugged. “I’m not into sleeping around, or hooking up just to get an orgasm. My right hand works fine, you know,” he said, holding up his arm. He wiggled his fingers at her.

She laughed and he breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t want her stressed out and tense.

“So, how many partners?” he prodded.

“One,” she mumbled, bashful.

“See, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?” he asked her. Privately he was shocked. Only one guy when she was so gorgeous? Men are stupid, he thought, not for the first time.

She sighed. “What about you? How can you only have had seven partners? Abby said you’re the one who taught Steve what to do…” She trailed off.

He lifted a shoulder. “I taught him about topping, yes, and I enjoyed going to the clubs, but when it comes to myself, I like something a little more committed.”

She frowned. “Then, why are you here?”

He gave her a long look. She wasn’t stupid, that’s for certain. “Steve asked me to come. And now that I’ve met you, I like you. A lot.”

“And just like that, you decided?” She snapped her fingers.

He looked at her generous breasts, the flush rising on her face, and knew, without a doubt, that he had to have her. It didn’t hurt that she seemed familiar to him, somehow. He wasn’t sure why, but she reminded him of somebody. He couldn’t recall who right at the moment, but he’d remember eventually. He relaxed in his chair.

“I like you.” He drained the last of his water. “The more you talk, the more you show me who you truly are, and the more I like you.”

She stared at him. He stood up, smiling, and walked over, not trying to hide his erection. Her curves, her spirit, her snapping hazel eyes had him so hard it was painful to move.

“Look what you do to me,” he said, gesturing to his groin. When he was within arms reach of her, he stopped, and cupped himself. “Everything about you makes me want you more.”

She swallowed, following the movement of his fingers as he rubbed a circle into the tip of his erection. He watched her watching him and felt himself swell even more.

“May I kiss you?” he asked, stepping closer.

She nodded, licking her lips.

“God, you’re so pretty,” he murmured, right before he took her mouth.


His lips were hot and soft and indescribably savage all at once. Lila trembled as he kissed her, hardly able to believe that the man she’d crushed on as a teenager had his hands in her hair. He nipped at her bottom lip and then soothed it with his tongue. She grabbed at him, afraid she’d fall if she didn’t hold on. He growled into her mouth and slotted a thigh between hers, rubbing his muscular leg right into her pussy. She moaned and he cupped her ass, grinding into her.

“Yeah, you’re a handful,” he murmured, biting kisses down her jaw.

She gasped. “Please, you can’t seriously find my fat behind attractive.”

He broke away, staring at her incredulously. “You think you’re fat?”

She bit her lip and nodded. “I’ve been told—”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” he muttered. “Women are so clueless about their weight.” He gripped her tighter, shoving his erection up against her belly. “Does that feel like I think you’re too fat? My cock likes you just fine. You’re beautiful.”

She shuddered as his movements pressed his thigh even harder into her body. He narrowed his eyes at her, sensing her pleasure.

“You like that,” he said, hands going to her hips.

She nodded, trying not to squirm. God, he’s so big, she thought, still trying to wrap her brain around the idea that this was Theo. Kissing her. Hard for her.

“I can’t hear you,” he murmured, kissing the soft spot under her ear. “Do you like when I do this?” He moved his thigh against her pussy.

She gulped. “Yes.”

He nipped her and stepped back. “Say ‘Yes, Theodore.’”

She frowned, confused. What did he want from her?

“I’m going to make love to you now and that’s how I want you to address me. Any other time, you can call me Theo, but when you’re submitting to me, I want you to call me Theodore. Do you understand?” He punctuated the explanation with a kiss to her shoulder.

She trembled. Was he joking? He lifted his head, and she could see the command in his eyes. He was completely serious. She struggled with it, not wanting to give into him, but abruptly she realized how silly she was being. What would it hurt to call him that?

“Yes, I understand, Theodore,” she said, surprised at how breathy her voice had become. Just thinking of him as Theodore changed things. Made what they were doing more real. Hotter.

“Good girl,” he said, smiling. “Let’s go to the bed.” He tugged on her robe, leading her across the room until she was sitting on the edge. “I’m going to undress you now.”

“Aren’t you going to—” She couldn’t say it. Instead, she fingered his t-shirt. She wanted to see him nude, but at the same time, felt a bit scared of what it would mean.

He shook his head. “Not yet,” he said, kissing her again. By the time he lifted his head, her robe was undone. He trailed his lips down her collarbone. Mmm, no pajamas?”

She blushed. “I thought I would be alone.”

He grinned into her skin. “I’m not complaining.” He pushed the edge of her robe off her shoulder.

Lila stifled the urge to cross her hands over her breasts. When he ran his fingers over her, she was glad she hadn’t tried to hide.

“Beautiful,” he breathed, then dipped his head down.

Lila looked at him, almost unbearably aroused by the sight of Theodore’s lips closing over her nipple. She cried out when he bit her, the spark of pain going straight to her pussy.

“Hmm, you do like a bit of pain, I see,” he murmured, moving to the other breast. He did the same, and she squeezed her thighs together. God, she was so wet.

“Stand up for me, little dove,” he said, urging her to her feet.

“What did you call me?” she asked as she stood.

He kissed her on the lips. She opened to him, wanting more. He broke the kiss way too soon.

“I called you, little dove. I want to teach you how to fly. You’re like a beautiful, lush, pink petal, all sweet on the outside.” To her shock, he slid a finger down between her thighs and rubbed at her clit. “And spicy on the inside.”

“Oh my God, Theodore.” She dug her fingers into his arm.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he murmured, rubbing circles into the swollen bundle of nerves—just enough to make her crazy, but not enough for her to come.

“You’re hot and sweet and beautiful, but I can see you’re also tired and sad. And I think you need a way to just let go, fly off into the sky. Little dove.”

1st Chp of YOU TASTE SO SWEET up at D. Reneé Bagby presents…


YTSS Want to read the first chapter of You Taste So Sweet? Click over to D. Reneé Bagby Presents First Chapters!


When a meteor explodes over Atlanta, infecting the world with a virus that turns people into zombies, Lark knows survival will be difficult. Her roommate and best friend insists that her father and his best friend will come and save them, but Lark isn’t sure if she wants to put her life into the hands of strangers. Unfortunately, when the zombies come, she may have no choice. And when Ben and Dillon break into their dorm in the nick of time, Lark finds herself reevaluating her insistence on independence.

Tragedy brings them together. The fight to survive creates a bond stronger than blood in a few short days. What’s a girl to do when faced with the zombie apocalypse? Does she trust in the two men she knows will keep her alive, or does she strike out on her own?


Coming Soon – Broken (Planet Alpha)

My novel, BROKEN, part of the Evernight exclusive series, Planet Alpha, will be releasing in May!


PLANET ALPHA – an exclusive Evernight Series


The year is 2050. Earth is quickly becoming uninhabitable. The seven continents are shrinking as flooding devastates the land masses. Crime and disorder are rampant among the dwindling human population.

There are only two safe havens in the galaxy capable of supporting humanoid life. Xyran is a world of power-hungry demons and Planet Alpha is home to a fearless warrior race.

The males on Planet Alpha need mates. Infertility has plagued their race for decades. The answer lies on Earth where tempting females are waiting to be saved. When their enemies attempt to claim the spoils of a dying world, only the strongest will get their prize.

Evernight Coming Soon


Erotic Romance, Menage (MMF), sci-fi, suspense
Word Count: 27,000
Heat Level 4
Published By: Evernight Publishing
When Sky finds a critically injured Xyran warrior, she can’t just let him die. She drags the unconscious alien home and dresses his wounds. He’s difficult and arrogant, but she’s more than enough woman to deal with him until he’s gone. So what if he intrigues her? The last thing she can afford to do is fall for an alien.

Jaxt knows the betrayers who left him for dead on Earth will not live long: his bond-kin, Zoen, will paint the warship’s walls with their blood. All he must do now is wait for Zoen to come. Unfortunately, the human woman who found him rouses his deepest instincts… Instincts he’d forgotten he had.

When Zoen finds Jaxt on Earth, he’s not sure he approves of the female who cared for his kin. However, when Sky kills a Xyran about to attack, he understands Jaxt’s insistence that she is their mate. Any female who shows such courage is worthy of his blood, and maybe even his heart.

The year is 2050 and Earth is a dying planet. Only the strongest will survive…

Be Warned: menage sex



Coming Soon – Angel’s Shield!

Angel’s Shield (Angel Shifters #4) is releasing in May! Get ready for the story of Jeremiel and Haniel, the young angels who participated in the last battle of Angel’s Blade. Want to know what happens in a few years when they’re all grown up? They meet a sweet waitress named Charmeine…

Have you ever wondered where angels come from? Would you believe that they’ve always been among us, a separate species with different gifts and different goals, but the same dedication to doing good in the world? And what happens when demons can insinuate themselves even into the strong of heart? Enter  the world of my Angel Shifters and find out more…

Evernight Coming Soon


Erotic Romance, Menage (MMF), Paranormal, Interracial, Fantasy, Shifters
Word Count: 29,500
Heat Level 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Charmiene has been alone since her grandmother died, so when two sexy hikers ask to stay in her trail shelter, she invites them into her house instead. As an Asian American in a rural town, her dating prospects have always been nonexistent.

Haniel wishes demons hadn’t ruined his ability to fly, but his best friend, Jeremiel, has his back while he hunts for the creatures that hurt him. Of course, when he meets Charmeine, all thoughts of fighting fly away. The only thing he can think about is making love.

Jeremiel would do anything for Haniel—the angel saved his life, after all. But when they meet Charmeine, he knows the time for wandering is over. She’s small, fierce, and just what they need to push them from friendship into love.

Unfortunately, the demons don’t want them to bond. They want all the angels to burn…

Be Warned: menage sex