Yes, I have another new series…

…that I started writing because I am insane. I have way too many ideas stuffed in my head and I intend on writing as many of them into books as I possibly can before I drop dead at age 103.

So there.

Rock Star Baby was accepted by Evernight! It will be out soon. The name of the series is Bad Oak Boys.

I just can’t resist the whole rock star, musician, band, fame trope. :D



Bad Oak isn’t just a rock band, it’s a family.

Bad Oak — Ryan Oakley, his brother Josh, and their cousins Silas and Shane River:

Ryan Oakley: lead singer, bass player, heartthrob extraordinaire, band founder. He has no idea that he’s a shifter and that he’s about to meet his mate, Bardulf Forst, Alpha-Heir of Forst Pack. Stats: 25 years old, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, tattoo of winter tree on his chest.

Josh Oakley: lead guitar, bisexual, loves to annoy his big brother Ryan. Stats: 23 years old, short, dark brown hair, grey eyes, emotionally attached to his Martin guitar.

Silas River: drummer, band mediator, the dude who came up with the name Bad Oak. Stats: 25 years old, honey blonde hair, shoulder length, hazel eyes, addicted to catchy beats. Never caught bare handed: always a drumstick nearby.

Shane River: keyboards/sound effects geek, loves video games, his piano, and earworms. Stats: 21 years old, short golden blonde hair, scruffy beard, dark brown eyes.

Evernight Coming Soon

Rock Star Baby – coming soon from Evernight Publishing!

Ryan Oakley, lead singer of Bad Oak and heartthrob extraordinaire, isn’t looking for a girlfriend. He’s definitely not looking for a boyfriend, but after the explosive encounter he has with a guy he meets backstage, he realizes he’s more flexisexual than he’d thought. Of course, suddenly being able to shift into a wolf is an unexpected side effect he didn’t expect and can barely control.

Bardulf Forst is Alpha-Heir to his pack, but he can’t resist his little sister when she begs him to meet Ryan Oakley. When he realizes the sexy singer is his mate, he can’t deny instinct. He claims the famous rock star even though he knows his father won’t approve: heirs are supposed to have children and two males can’t reproduce.

Little do they know that they’re about to experience an ancient shifter biological imperative: when two male Alphas mate, unexpected miracles sometimes happen.


Work in Progress for the new year……..


9 january 2015

Happy New Year! I can hardly believe it’s 2015, but time does tend to keep moving along. Right now I’m working on a brand new story that came out of nowhere and demanded that I get to work. I’m calling it Win a Kiss and it is about a sexy rockstar (Ryan), an alpha wolf shifter (Bardulf), and the crazy mess that ensues when they meet: insta-bonding!

I’m also still working on a  sequel to The Billionaire’s Bodyguard and The Blizzard. I have a confession to make: I couldn’t write at all during December because my life went crazy. Nothing bad, just a lot of stuff to do with the family and holidays. However, I’m feeling rested up and don’t worry, this story will be done soon!

Last, but not least, I have two more books to write for the Stronghold series, Day and Dawn. I am so looking forward to writing Isaac’s story! He’s the cocky adventurer of the four brothers.

Cocktails and Books loved Beloved! 4 stars! #review


Cocktails and Books loved BELOVED (Blue’s Boys #3)!

“As always, the trio’s chemistry is amazing, and the their sex scenes are scorching.  Matt and Liam are discovering new things about each other, and that adds a very nice layer to the triad’s relationship.”

Read the rest of the review.

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beloved1l  epeditorsesal1s

Beloved Blue


Erotic Romance, Menage (MMF), Romance on the Go, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 14,000
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Click here to read an excerpt.

Blue thinks her life is pretty awesome—after all, she has two sexy boyfriends and an exciting career scaling walls and breaking open safes. What more could a woman ask for? So what if her boys are cops and she’s a thief? They haven’t arrested her yet, right?

Matt and Liam love Blue to distraction, but when one of her throwing blades turns up sticking out of a dead thug’s body, their acceptance of her lifestyle faces its biggest threat. They think she’s been framed, and saving her life is more important than arresting her for murder, but old habits die hard. And unfortunately, Blue isn’t the kind of girl to let someone else take the heat for her problems.

Can their love survive murder, an unexpected surprise, and a dirty cop bent on silencing the thief who can expose all of his despicable plans?







Cocktails and Books loved Cops! 4 stars! #review


Cocktails and Books loved COPS (Blue’s Boys #2)!

“Blue, Matt, and Liam are back, and they’ve gotten themselves into another little “situation”.  Once again, there is humor, action, witty banter, and SEX!! These three are so hot!  They smolder.  They radiate nuclear energy.  The sun is jealous of their heat.”

Read the rest of the review.

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Cops Liam promo

Erotic Romance, Menage (MMF), Romance on the Go, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 12,685
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Click here to read an excerpt.

When you’re a thief and you’re dating two cops, life can be tricky—especially when you stumble across your boys in the middle of a heist. When you’re a cop and you’re dating a sexy thief, life isn’t just weird. It’s dangerous.

Blue is falling for her two new boyfriends, but they’re having trouble finding time to be together. Being a thief is crazy. And a cop’s work is never done. When you don’t have time to date, you steal any kind of alone time that you can. So what if Liam and Matt are tied up in the middle of a murder investigation?

Matt and Liam never expected to find themselves bound together in a basement. When Blue stumbles over them, she offers them something much more risky than freedom: herself. Because she’s not a saint. She’s a very, very naughty thief, and when her boys neglect her, they must pay her price if they want to win her heart.

Be warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, bondage





Cocktails and Books loved Dusk! 4 stars! #review


Cocktails and Books loved DUSK (Stronghold #2)!

“I so, so enjoyed “Dusk” from Erin Leaf.  It has so much going for it.  It’s an original plot, which I love. There’s a mixture of sci fi, action, mystery, and romance.  I was sucked in from the very beginning.”

Read the rest of the review.

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dusk  epeditorsesal1s

Erotic Romance (MF), May/Dec, New Adult, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Suspense, Rubenesque
Word Count: 38,575
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Click here to read an excerpt.

Lucy Soren never expected to live through an alien attack. Months later, her nightmares won’t let her forget the pain she suffered, or her strange attraction to the man who saved her from certain death.

Sentry Solomon Dusk never wanted to heal a mortal woman, but he can’t forget Lucy’s bravery or beauty. Even though he vowed to never again fall in love, Lucy attracts him like no other woman ever has before.

When the alien Spiders again slip past the Sentries’ defenses, Solomon’s only thought is to protect the woman he refuses to love. Lucy’s only hope is to run from the danger to her heart. Unfortunately, the fate of the planet rests on their ability to work together. Will their fear of commitment keep them from saving the planet… and each other?

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys, bondage

amazon-bestseller-icon    BestsellerIcon100X100




Cocktails and Books loved Thief! 4 stars! #review


Cocktails and Books loved THIEF (Blue’s Boys #1)!

“I laughed through the whole story.  Blue and her boys, Matt and Liam are very sexy together, and the situations that they find themselves in are just awesome. … These three are so hot, my Kindle burned my fingertips.”

Read the rest of the review.

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Erotic Romance, Menage (MMF), Romance on the Go, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 13,000
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

Click here to read an excerpt.

When you’re a thief, your dating options are limited. When you’re a cop, it’s even worse. So what happens when a burglar and two lawmen are trapped together during a heist gone wrong?

Blue has been a thief for years, but she’s never been in a situation quite like this. When you’re crammed into a tiny space with two sexy detectives, things can get very dicey. Shockingly, instead of arresting her, Matt and Liam ask for a kiss. Blue is happy to oblige. Anything to keep the handcuffs off, right?

Matt and Liam never expect to end up cornered with a gorgeous thief. Liam has sworn off women and Matt can’t find anyone he likes better than his partner, so their love lives are nonexistent. When they meet a woman who keeps the same crazy hours as cops do, maybe her criminal career choice isn’t the deal breaker it should be?

BookStrand Bestseller!





Evernight’s Holiday Hangover Blog Hop! #prizes #giveaway



I’ve picked a winner! Congrats Ms. bimmergrlmd!

Thank you all so very much for your fantastic resolutions (and some for your not-resolutions–I can totally relate to that idea, let me tell you…). I’m so very happy all of you stopped by for this fabulous hop. Not to worry, Evernight will be picking the grand prize winner soon!

EP Holiday Hangover

Evernight’s Holiday Hangover Blog Hop is here!

Join authors, bloggers and reviewers as we recover from the holidays. I don’t know about you, but I ate more cookies than most human stomachs can hold! SUGAR!!!!!!

Be sure to visit every stop on the tour where you can enter for a chance to win great prizes, including a new eReader, gift certificates, swag, books and much more!


Evernight’s Grand Prize? An Apple iPad Mini!


My prize? All three books in my Blue’s Boys Series!

thief1l   cops1l   beloved1l

When you’re a thief, your dating options are limited. When you’re a cop, it’s even worse. So what happens when a burglar and two lawmen are trapped together during a heist gone wrong? Click the covers for more information.


How to win?

Tell me your top two New Year’s resolutions. Post in the comments below. I will pick one winner at random!


My resolutions:

1. Be nice to myself. I try for this one every year, but don’t always succeed. I think it’s important to realize that I’m not perfect. No one is, but sometimes I feel like I should be able to do everything and be everything for everyone. However, life is just not that easy, is it? :)

2. Write what inspires me. Okay, I’ll admit it: I get bored easily. I often forget that when I’m bored, so will my readers be, because what I’ve written is DULL DULL DULL. I vow to write only the fun stuff (explosions, action, hot sex)!

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